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Invitation to the 2nd International Miners' Conference

Dear colleagues,
we are very happy to invite you to the 2nd International Miners' Conference in Ramagundam/Godavarikhani in India from 2-5 February 2017.

In all mining regions of the world the achievements of the miners are being attacked more and more. In many countries miners and their families are fighting against dismissals, against shutdowns and against more and more brutal over-exploitation of their livelihoods, in the end mainly for their very existence. Also the population increasingly stands on their side.

Nowadays, it is not sufficient any more to put up demands in one country only and isolated. The First International Miners' Conference in Peru, 2013, with miners from 25 countries stated: "Today it is less and less possible, isolated from each other and locally limited, to prevail against the international mining monopolies. What we need is the unity of workers worldwide!"

We want a future worth living for the peoples, us and our children!
Join the 2nd International Miners' Conference. It will take place from 2 to 5 February 2017 in India, one of the significant mining countries of the world where alone 500.000 coal miners live and work.

The conference will take the unity of miners from all over the world one step further, it is non-party affiliated (ueberparteilich), self-organized, self-financed and on equal terms. In our midst miners talk with miners at equal terms! Support this important conference so that miners from all countries may take part and this conference becomes an opportunity to share our difficulties and make our unity more concrete in joint actions.
The conference consists of three pillars:

The General Assembly of the Delegates. The miners in every country themselves determine on the choice of their representatives, each represented country has 5 votes equally, irrespective of the number of the attending. One of the most important issues will be the discussion and decision on the draft program of struggle (www.minersconference.org).
In addition, there will be a wide participation of miners, relatives, women, men, youths who are associated with the militant miners' movement. They take part in forums and in the framework program. In the forums important questions of the miners' life and struggles will be treated. A broad cultural program with cultural events, dance, music, sport, stands and other activities will take place.

Dear colleagues, we hope that you or a representative of your organization or movement will participate and support the participation of a delegation from your country. The inscription can be made via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and soon also directly at the website minersconference.org – please send the name, date of birth, a copy of the passport and how long you would like to stay in India.
We have than four months left. Important decisions must be taken quickly to organize the preparations, visa, travel and finances. The draft program shall be discussed under the miners, motions for improvement submitted, the country-report, forums etc must be prepared (you find the course in details in the information letter on this website).
Please send us soon your inscription, opinions, questions, recommendations.

Glück AUF! (Good luck!)
Andreas Tadysiak
Main Coordinator of the ICG

The letter of invitation can be downloaded here for the work on site.