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Final declaration of the 2nd International Miners' Conference

Godavari Khani, India, 2nd to 5th of February 2017
The 2nd International Miners' Conference has come to a conclusion successfully. This time it took
place in Godavari Khani, India, with about 5000 participants and 38 delegates of the miners' movement from 16 countries. 8 delegations from different countries could not be present due to various reasons - either because their governments prevented them or because their visas had been denied by the Indian embassy, while others were unable to take leave from their job. About 60 countries took part in the preparation process.

In India, the National Preparatory Committee, consisting of 10 organizations, made huge efforts and generated great power and unity. They mobilized thousands of workers and their families, as well as the masses to realize a great campaign of propaganda and collection of resources in order to support the international movement of mine workers.

Until today, the international coordination of miners established 150 contacts with trade unions and
other organizations all over the world. Already in 60 countries the miners have expressed their wish to be a part of this process.

With a public manifestation of the masses in the city of Godavari Khani, between flags, songs and slogans in various languages, we demonstrated the immense capacity that the workers' movement is capable of. Without the great support of mine workers and women from the coal region of Singareni this conference would not have been possible.

The General Assembly of delegates adopted the program of struggle of the mine workers on an international level. It was discussed intensively and improved by a lot of contributions. Other aspects were also discussed relating to the construction of the international coordination of mine workers. This is a historic moment for the organization of our struggle on an international level.

A new International Coordination Group (ICG) was elected unanimously, consisting of 9 representatives of the miners' movement forn the countries of Colombia, Congo, Germany, India, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Peru, Philippines and Poland.

The country reports describe various aspects of the present reality in the countries and the current state of the miners' movement including facts, figures and concrete examples. They prove, that the working-class movement worldwide has common enemies, similar problems and that it urgently  needs international coordination.

From the first conference in 2013 onwards, the organizations that participated in the international coordination of mine workers have played an important role in their struggles in several countries. After the first steps towards an international coordination of the struggles this has to be improved in an organized manner.

The ICG elected in the first conference in Arequipa, Peru, submitted a work report to the General Assembly which was approved unanimously. The report and the discussion stated clearly, that the
process of an international coordination has started.

The financial report of the treasurer pointed out, that the work of the ICG was completely financed bydonations among the masses. The delegates expressed their trust in the treasurer unanimously.

10 forums initiated a mutual learning process concerning the situation in the different countries and
there were discussions about our demands and our cooperation. During this mutual exchange of experiences, which overcome language barriers, miners from all over the world debated passionately and in comeraderie about all social issues and struggles in the future.

This conference gave space to all participants to learn from each other.
The 2nd International Miners' Conference exceptionally achieved to integrate the national particularities in conjunction with the international cooperation. The 3rd International Miners' Conference is to be held in the year of 2022. Up to the 31st of January 2019 any country may apply for hosting the conference. This timeline should allow for the possibility to organize regional and continental conferences.

We appeal to all miners' organizations across the world to affiliate to the International Miners' Coordination in a organized manner. Let us build up regional coordinations! We are able to carry out great tasks and we invite the mine workers from all over the world to participate.

Miners of the world can never be defeated!
Miners united can never be defeated!
Godavari Khani, India, 5th of February 2017