we have heard of your misfortune and wish to bring you our deepest sympathy

Dear relatives, dear miners,
The misfortune must be completely cleared up. All necessary safety measures must also be taken at the mine to avoid the death of other miners. The families of the killed and injured miners must be secured and continue to be supported so that they can live in dignity. In Germany, too, we are familiar with such events, so we know what suffering this means.

A few days before the accident, a young miner at the age of 29 had to give his life while robbing the closing colliery in Ibbenbüren. The struggle for the preservation and improvement of our working and living conditions requires the international union of all miners and their families. This is why we founded an International Miners' Coordination in 2013, which states among other things: The "International Miners' Coordination" has the vision of a worldwide miners' movement that fights for itself and its children that the treasures of soil, water and air belong to those who make them accessible through their work. They are to be used for a rich, dignified and healthy life for all people in harmony with nature - without exploitation and oppression..... Today it is less and less possible to assert oneself against the international mining monopolies, isolated from each other and locally restricted. What we need is the unity of the workers worldwide". (Founding Resolution of the International Miners Coordination 2013) We don't want to worry every day about the lives of our buddies somewhere in the world just because today, under the conditions of intensified competition for raw materials, occupational safety no longer matters. If you need support, we are there for you. Glück Auf (miner's greeting in Germany)
Andreas Tadysiak
Chief Coordinator of the International Miners' Coordination