Australia: prime minister declare the polluters of the environmental desaster to victims.

Bevor industry reprententatives in Brisbane the australien prime minister Scott Morrison demand to ignor demonstrators, who “operate economic sabotage”. His callis followed the arrests some peoples, who demonstrated against an international mining conference in Melborne at Wednesday. Morrison calls the climate-activists as “anarchists” and accused them to “damage the companies”.

His government searched methods with their help to forbid “these exorbitantly and selfish actions”, which “threatens the livelihood of many australiens” said Morrison. What a mockery, who threatens the livelihood of many australiens? The mining companies exploited the miners and the nature. They are responsible forthe environmental degradation of peoples livelihood. The greed after more and more profit has lead to a massiv environmental degradation as well to a rampant exploitation of the natural resources. The international miners coordination respects the environmentalists and the fight of the miners for better living conditions and jobs. We call for resistance against the splitting the jobs against the protection of natural environment. And against the cleavage as consequence of that. We need both to live.