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To the miners in the AlbChrome mine, to the Albanian miners' union

Hi, buddy, you have from the international miners' coordination the solidarity in your struggle for your trade union rights. We also find your demands more than justified, for more work safety, wage increases and for a reduction of the workload. We regret the death of the 27 miners. Your demand is the first step that miners are no longer led to the slaughterhouse.

The miners of the world are being exploited more and more because of the beginning world economic and financial crisis. As with you, in many countries the trade union rights of the miners are being attacked and trade unionists are increasingly being physically threatened, even murdered, on the instructions of the industrial and financial capital. Your democratically elected chairman Elton Debreshi and three other miners have been dismissed. We stand with you in the struggle for your union. The struggle program of the International Miners' Coordination states: "We demand from all governments of the world to protect the right of association, assembly and negotiation. We organize strikes and demand that the corporations respect this. For free trade union and political activity! For a complete and universal legal right to strike! For trade unions as fighting organisations to defend and improve our living, wage and working conditions! We are against any form of class collaboration policy on the back of the workers and their families! We fight for the preservation and extension of bourgeois-democratic rights and freedoms! We miners of the world, together with our families, must hold together and unite internationally, cooperate internationally and coordinate our struggles if we want to become a superior force against the international mining monopolies and their governments. I cordially invite you to join our international miners' coordination! We want to hold a European conference with the former Soviet states this year, organized by miners for miners. It is to take place in Poland and I would very much welcome it if you could take part and contribute your experience there. We will make your situation and your struggle known internationally and we would like to learn more about it. Good luck with your strike!
With solidarity greetings Let's get lucky! Andreas Tadysiak, Chief Coordinator of the International Miners' Coordination