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ICG calls for International Women's Day on March 8th

The miners of the world support the struggle of the women, at a local as well as at an international level. Our international miners' struggle program states, among other things: “... Women are paid worse and discriminated by unequal treatment. We take a firm stand against sexism, sexual oppression and violence against women.

Against the shifting of the burdens for the care and education of their children and the reproduction of labour power onto the families. ... We fight against all forms of the special exploitation and oppression of women and support the international militant women's movement for the liberation of women.” The miners have decided to participate in the International Women's Day worldwide and to cooperate at grassroots level with the international women's organisation in their global struggle. They are determined to engage for the promotion of the position of women within the agendas of human, trade union and political organisations at a local and international level. We miners call on the grassroots women worldwide to coordinate the common struggle for self-liberation in the face of feudalism, capitalism and imperialist domination, which are the cause for the destruction of living conditions on a mass scale, for oppression and the double exploitation of women. They are the source for the continuation of the structures and traditions of patriarchal relations. We call for a struggle for democracy, freedom and overcoming anticommunism at a global level. In the world today, the vision of the miners worldwide “... of a worldwide linked miners' movement, struggling for themselves and their children to put the treasures of the soil, the water and the air into the hands of those who make them accessible by their work. They shall be used for a rich, healthy life in dignity for all people in harmony with nature – without exploitation and oppression” is only possible in connection with the struggle for the liberation of women worldwide.