The Romanian parliament testifies with determination: by a large majority, they prevented gold mining in Transylvania

They will protect man and the environment from 240,000 tons of cyanide, a gift that could kill the world's population 80 times. [1] Gabriel Resources, a fissured mining company from Canada, is complaining about damages before the World Bank's arbitration. [2] The company is demanding four billion dollars - so much is spent on education in Romania every year. "Special rights for investors cave out democracy and the rule of law, and we citizens in Romania have protested against the mine in Roşia Montană Our courts are declaring this largest open-cast mine in Europe to be illegal, and now a system of parallel jurisdiction pretends to be impossible Mine or a billion-dollar penalty, "explains Roxana Pencea Brădăţan, an activist against gold mining. [2] We see here how "investor protection" works. The EU Commission is now proposing to reinstate such a parallel judicial system. The monster is said to be the Multilateral Investment Court. We still have good chances to stop this attack on the rule of law.

Now, before the start of the official negotiations, a public hearing will be held by the European Commission. They are only until Wednesday and we want to make our demands: "Not even more privileges for corporations and investors!" Any signature that can be handed over to us on the last day of the hearing in Brussels counts. Our opponents observe exactly how big the protest is. Do not tell us about even more company power! Sign up now! The pan-European citizen protests against TTIP and CETA [4] are making crises, investors and governments cautious. They fear us. Only around 150,000 Europeans have participated in a public hearing. They have made it clear that they do not agree to a parallel judiciary. In coordination with the corporations, the European Commission proposes to introduce private arbitration on a global scale - the new name MIC is being cut - Multilateral Investment Court. [5] We will also learn this abbreviation and tackle the system behind it . Behind MIC is a global and permanent arbitration which contradicts our democratic legal system. 'Supply of goods' so ins Deutsche: Offer. The mining company is not suing Romania because of losses suffered, which can be quantified, but from an estimate of four billion dollars of profit, which may come. The example of Romania makes it clear that governments decide differently if they have to fear being sued. With a broad alliance, we are launching our campaign against MIC - do not be surprised at the duplications of other organizations. Participate in a pan-European outcry! With the public hearing, the EU Commission asks us in our opinion. Let us make sure that our voices are important! This is possible until Wednesday. Say no to even more group power! Sign up now! We greet you heartily - and are fiercely tuned. Jörg Rohwedder (Lübeck) Virginia López Calvo (Madrid) Martin Caldwell (London / Berlin) Julia Krzyszkowska (Warsaw) Olga vuković (bologna) Mika Leandro (Bordeaux) And the entire WeMove.EU team