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democratic Republic Kongo: Report about the Mining Sector

FOSYCO has its central Headquarters in the three mining Provinces Katanga, Kasai-Oriental and South-Kivu. It may be emphasized, that the headquarters of all companies normaly are localized in the capital Kinshasa. In general commit all mining companies their employees to stay on site. Some Companies grants modest bonuses, which in no way compensated the work and availability of the employees at the work places compared with the social legislation.

For long time the employees are seperated from their families. To them send their low income, they must fall back on mobile bank transfer. Some companies have canceled arbitrarily the contracts of the employees without compensation by disregard against the order of the government. This is the case by the subsidiary company Glencor KCC and Mutanda Mining, which reduced the staff from 4000 to 1000 employees. The Corona-desease reached the mine Tenke Fugurume. The desease-symptoms get worse with the beginning of the dry season , which is marked by very lower temperatur.

    The local community GOMBE, where located is administration of mining and other companies, because of the higher rate of coronavirus infection is limited. This decision lead to paralysis of all formal and informal activities. Many employees have lost their jobs, and a never seen crisis hits all, and not to mention the currency inflation. In spite of the fact, that all borders are closed, it will be reported, that in spite of the occurrence of the coronavirus desease cases of new Leonincontracts between the government and new investors stream in at the gates. It`s clear, that there are interests, which gain the upperhand to get light and excessiv profits, to revive the national economy , that after devastative effects of the pandemie in the socalled developped contrys become fragile. In moment it´s not clear, whether the companies after the deconfining their activity can start again. The unemployment had increased and can take a long time.
    As yet mentioned, several mining companies had closed the mines or drastic reduced. Those, who are continue working, hold in site their staff for the duration of the inclusion . Artisonal mines were shut down, and the miners are forced to cheat, in order to survive. The comptoirs have reduces the prices for minerals. For example Mutanda Mining had reduced the workforce from 4000 to 1000 employees without to pay final billings. They mentioned the fact, that the quality of by them exploited the minerals has considerably worsened. That forced them to change their working tools, that lead to expensiv new investments. Because they works on ores with higher sulfur contend. Th social dialogue has collapsed, and the union don’t know, whether they get the access to the facilities, to demand from the management to adhere the conditions of the contract termination . Due to the job-reduction in several companies the union is faced with financially difficulties. Political authorities are overwhelmed by social and business events. The shut down of the borders has lead to many divers problems, that the authorities cannot solve due to political disagreement and the precarious situation of our economy.
    In Kasai Oriental there are two great mining corporations, the Bakwanga Mining company and SASCIM. Both are in a not registered almost bankrupt, because there are difficulties on the agenda with the payment of wages. While MIBA payed as average wage 70 USD, with delay of more as 120 month. SASCIM payed as average wage 125 USD. SASCIM is a mixed company and the main shareholders come from china. The coronavirus-pandemi has worsened the situation for the workers and all the peoples. They must live under insignificant conditions. As the province is a inland the basic needs become close and the prises are very inflated.
    We must again report of the murders of artisonal miners in the Coltan-mines by mercenaries, payed by international corporation. Many of these companies, which exist at the border of the republic, deploy artisonal miners to buy ores of Cobald and Coltran for lower prices. So they create zones of uncertainty, by robbing the mining deposits.

In expectation the report from the permanent office I whish to say thank you in the name of FOSYCO for the donation from Kumpel für AUF/Germany. I have not the right words for the Donation of the collegues.