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Declaration of solidarity to the Congolese miners

Hello miners, relatives and friends, Through the news and the internet we have heard about the terrible accident at your gold mine in Kamituga, South Kivu province. We are deeply shocked by this tragedy which has left over 50 people dead. Our thoughts are with you and your relatives. But we also feel anger and indignation that such an accident is happening today.

Methods and modern techniques of the highest standard have long been available to protect the safety of the miners and also the people who live around a mine from such damage. We therefore support a full investigation into the causes of this accident and that those responsible are brought to justice! We also support the unconditional compensation and care of the relatives of those who have been injured or killed in this accident. We, are the International Miners' Coordination, founded in Peru in 2013. Its mission is to coordinate and cooperate in the struggles of the more than 20 million miners in the world against the exploitation of miners, their families and nature. Our opponents are the worldwide mining companies and their servile governments, which unscrupulously "save" on safety for their maximum profit and thus endanger the lives and health of the miners. This is particularly evident now, with the global economic and financial crisis, which has been aggravated by the Corona pandemic and will start again in 2018. It also shows that the miners are less and less able to enforce their interests only on a national level. This disaster shows how important it is that we support each other and fight together. It is very important for us to get in touch with you. Please inform us about your situation and write how we can support you. We cannot rely on the bourgeois media. We start with the preparation of the 3rd International Miners' Conference, which will take place in Germany in 2022. I would be happy if you would support the preparation and if someone could participate. It is clear that the miners have to stick together internationally. United we are an invincible force. Think about whether it is not time to join the International Miners' Coordination. With deep condolences and solidarity greetings, Andreas Tadysiak
Main Coordinator of the International Coordination of Miners Video