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Morocco: Declaration of solidarity to the Ukrainian and South African miners of Fathi from Morocco

Dear comrades, I have received your report of strikes and demonstrations, the conditions you are living are the same as those that many miners have experienced, that is, the closure of mines managed in the same way throughout the world and that the crisis begins with the non-payment of the workers, to make the miners face poverty so that they cannot resist the demonstrations and weaken in front of the decision-makers, and like all mining towns, the whole population is attached to the wages of the workers who circulate and create indirect jobs,

and the crisis of non-payment is reflected on everyone, Dear comrades, we have lived the same experience in Morocco in the coal mining town of Jerada, the largest coal mine in Morocco, we are aware of these conditions, we consider the social impact of the closure policy, the socio-economic cost is very high and in the end it is the miners who are the victims, that is why a union of popular and working forces that represents the growth of the crisis and guarantees the defence of the good of all the inhabitants and the working class. We, as miners from Marocco, express our support and solidarity for all trade union and popular acts in defence of your rights to stable work in the conditions that the miner deserves, sacrificing not only for his time but also for his health. Good courage dear comrades and wish you the best of luck in winning the struggle and the fight against the imperialist capitalist multinational that exploits man and nature and endangers life on earth.
Our warmest greetings of activism
Fathi/ Morocco