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South Africa: Solidarity address of MARIKANA

Greetings of solidarity to the striking South African Coalminers and their union NUM
Dear friends and comrades, We have learned that you are on strike for higher wages since Sunday, 4th October. We wish you a lot of strength, endurance and success in the fight for your goals!
In Germany, where the last mines are to be closed, the workers and their families also look at you. The miners are faced with the challenge of preventing the pit closures. It is about jobs and our environment! It will be destroyed with fracking and toxic waste underground deposits. Let us not allow that international mining companies increase their profits at the
expense of the health of humans and nature.

Our German-South African Friendship Society has given itself the name MARIKANA in solidarity and in commemoration of the 34 murdered Platinum miners of Lonmin in August 2012 in Marikana near Johannesburg. We support the union of miners across national borders and continents and we will make your struggle in Germany known and organize solidarity. Let us know how we can support your struggle.
Long live international solidarity!
Hearty solidarity greetings from Germany!
Anke Nierstenhöfer, Marja Spaans, Irene Nierstenhöfer
Board of the German-South African Friendship Society MARIKANA
Irene Nierstenhöfer
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