South Africa': NUM-Union members in gold mining industry determined to fight

Last week, the majority of union members in the two major unions, NUM and AMCU, voted to go on strike. On Tuesday this week, the strike began for 1000 rand more per month (about €60) at South Africa's largest gold mining company, Stillwater Sibanye. The company offered 800 rand more per month. The company's mines are located in the Johannesburg area.

The company's board is aggressively trying to intimidate the workers by declaring a lockout of all workers from Thursday ( 10.3.2022) at 10.00pm. If Stillwater Sibanye really does this, it means that all 31,000 workers (minus the colleagues who have to do emergency and security work) will not receive any wages from 10 p.m. on Thursday. Quite rightly, the leadership of the NUM union is politically attacking this behaviour in a press release. It is demanding the immediate dismissal of CEO Neal Fronemann and calling on the government to put an end to the board's actions. The NUM states: "Mine workers are deeply trapped in poverty because of people of Froneman's calibre. .. Instead, the board rewards itself with huge bonuses on the sweat and blood of these poor workers." The NUM statement ends, "The NUM is determined to pursue its demands for a R1000 increase for surface, underground miners and 6% for artisans, miners and civil servants. NUM and AMCU members will not capitulate to fight for better wages and benefits at Sibanye Stillwater. DOWN WITH CAPITALIST BARBARISM". Letter of solidarity to National Union of Mineworkers. 7 Rissik Street. Cnr Frederick Johannesburg Tel: 011 377 2111 Cell: 083 809 3257 Twitter: @Num_Media