Morocco: four young workers were left to die because there were no safety measures in place

The city of Jerada, the former mining city, once again invited three young workers in the traditional coal wells (Sandrias), in addition to a fourth young worker who was a victim of a coal well in Beni Tadjit, which raises the number of victims of these traditional wells, since they closed the coal mines of Jerada in 1998, to 48. Among the martyrs of poverty and marginalization, and the absence of any practical solutions on the part of the state's policies, since the uprising of the youth of the city of Jerada in 2018, and the repression and unfair rulings accompanying it.

While the only beneficiaries of the situation remain the barons who traffic in the souls of the city's youth with the blessing of the city authorities. A member of the ICG reports: On 16/08/2022, the town of Jerada (a former coal mine) woke up to the tragedy of the asphyxiation deaths of three miners. The victims had been exposed to carbon monoxide in a mine where they had been working in precarious conditions and without any safety precautions. Above are photos taken during the rescue of the victims. Our sympathies go out to the families of the miners. ICG/Morocco

Here are 2 more videos of the rescue: in the longwall at the shaft