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Unions representing over ONE MILLION Australian workers have now endorsed the September 25th #FundOurFutureNotGas day of action!

On Sept 25th I’m standing with my uncle, who has worked in the mining and fossil fuel industry for 20 years. He deserves well paid work. He deserves to work in an industry that doesn’t threaten the future of his family. I know investing in industries such as gas will not help him, or anyone, long term. That’s why we need Morrison investing in industries that will create jobs and help tackle climate change at the same time.

That way we can all have a future. That's a photo of me, my friends, and Arthur Rorris, the Secretary of the South Coast Labour Council, the peak body for unions in our region. This was taken after we talked about what the future of the Illawarra region, around Wollongong, could look like.[2] We talked about how we could work together, and agreed we can’t recover from the Covid-19 crisis and address climate change without making sure workers are looked after - and that renewable energy jobs are at the heart of the way forward. Morrison's plan to give billions to gas endangers all of this. Not only will it invest in polluting gas, it also misses this massive opportunity of investing billions into the industries of the future and creating thousands of jobs for regional areas. Morrison tries to sell himself as a man of the working class, but we know handing out billions of taxpayer dollars to the filthy rich gas industry that creates few jobs and pollutes the climate is NOT going to help the regions or workers. Let's make sure that Morrison knows the regions, workers, and communities have better plans for the future and want him to #FundOurFutureNotGas!
In Solidarity,
Ella, 15, Striker from Wollongong