India: Trade unions coordinate the preparations for the 2nd IMC

12 different trade unions and organisations cooperated in India in the National Preparatory Committee.  On 26 January a meeting was held in Godavari Khani attended by around 70 people from another IFTU trade union along with the Secretary General of the other IFTU Praadep Burgula, Murthy from the National Preparatory Committee and the Main Coordinator of the ICG Andreas Tadysiak from Germany. The purpose of the meeting was to join and coordinate forces in the preparations and mobilization, as well as the organisational preparation and the staging and financing of the Conference.

Both IFTU organisations are part of the national preparation process and have organised activities locally.
In their speeches, the representatives of both organisations stressed the great historic significance of this conference and the task of Indian workers to use this conference to include their struggles in the great tide of workers’ struggles all over the world. “”We have a common enemy, we must overcome our own fragmentation”, was said in a speech. It was agreed that the forces of all participating brigadists would join locally (also the AIFTU and the international brigadists) and coordinate together. Thus the International Miners’ Conference will play an important role in developing and strengthening the unity of the workers’ movement in India.