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India: Opening celebrations, interesting county reports, beginning of the General Assembly and an amazing cultural program

Following yesterday‘ s opening of the 2nd International Miners' Conference the second day started with an opening ceremony. The location was full of people. At the beginning a flag was hissed in celebration. Justice Gopal Gowda from the supreme court spoke and the delegates and attendees were greeted by the ICG. After the opening celebrations the international delegates presented their country reports.

They reported about urgent problems of the miners and their families, spoke of their experiences in struggle, notably about the struggles against the consequences of surface mining, massive environmental damages and against the massive suppression by corporations and the state.
In the afternoon the first part of the General Assembly, the heart of the conference, started with delegates from 16 countries. A number of further delegates were denied their visa or they have been hindered in other ways from coming to India. After the introductory decisions the delegates discussed the work report of the ICG and unanimously approved it. The connection between  national and international struggles and their coordination played a major role. After that the discussion on the draft of the practical program of struggle started. During this a lot of motions for amendments were brought forward.

The Indian brigadists prepared and offered excellent Indian food. International brotherhood and exciting political discussions predominated. Under difficult conditions translators and technicians increasingly mastered their tasks in the course the day.

At the end of the exhausting but inspiring day, an exciting cultural evening took place. It offered a good mixture of contributions of Indian culture groups as well as the ideas that the delegates contributed from their countries. This resulted in increasing the feeling of fellowship within the international miners community.