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Call of the International Miners' Coordination for a Joint Participation in the International Day of Struggle for the Protection of the Natural Environment

It will take place on 12 November 2016 worldwide in parallel to the so-called "World Climate Conference" of the UN in Marrakesh (Morocco).

The international mining monopolies are aggressively exploiting the raw material in all regions of the world. They are questioning the foundations of human life on site only to increase their profits. The inhabitants of whole regions are being displaced for open cast mining, fracking is being promoted, toxic waste is stored in closed extract sectors and partly flooded. All this toxins get into fresh water, into the air and into the soil.
The worldwide acting mining corporations are contributing willfully to the danger of a global environmental catastrophe. There are protests and struggles in a number of countries against the transformation of underground mining into open cast mining and the endangering of health and foundations of life of the population and the miners.

The miners "can become a superior force if they overcome their fragmentation and struggle together, internationally united"1, stated the first International Miners' Conference in Arequipa in Peru in 2013.
The International Miners' Coordination calls upon all miners and their families worldwide to participate in the environmental day of struggle 2016 with militant actions.

In all continents miners are struggling for social and ecological demands and are undertaking further steps in order to coordinate their struggles worldwide:
In Columbia the class-militant trade union committee of the mining corridor in the region of Cesar and Guajira and the trade unions SINTRAMINENERGETICA, SINTRACARBON and SINTRAIME are organizing an international campaign to denounce the persecution of trade unionists, outsourcing, the destruction of the environment and the insecure situation of the population in the mining regions of Columbia. In northern Columbia the biggest open cast mines of whole Latin America are being exploited by the transnational enterprises DRUMMOND, GLENCORE, XSTRATA and BHP BILLINGTON.

In Togo (Africa) thousands of phosphate miners were on strike for several times in April, August and September, among others "for better protective safety equipment and the construction of a first aid center for the treatment of the workers' families". They contacted the International Miners' Coordination for mutual international support just like the trade union of the lignite miners from northern Greece "Spartakos". Under the pressure of European corporations and banks and the European Union the government plans the privatization of the lignite mines there. The trade union "Spartakos" is preparing resistance against this.

The unity of the struggle for each job and the preservation of our natural foundations of life will be an important subject of the 2nd International Miners' Conference (2nd IMC). It will take place from 2 to 5 February 2017 in India in an important mining region. It will take the international unity of the miners and their struggles one step further. It does not allow itself to be pocketed, it is not party-affiliated (ueberparteilich), self-organized and self-financed.
At this conference miners will talk to miners on an equal footing!

Let's take the future into our hands!
Let's make the International Environmental Day of Struggle on 12 November also a demonstration of the worldwide miners' power and their international solidarity.

Participate actively in the 2nd International Miners' Conference in India in 2017!