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Countryreport Germany














DE01Germany has a population of 81 million 20% have a migrant background Only 18% are younger than 20 years 72% of all women work.







DE04DE05It is among the old imperialist core countries, is the ecomically and political strongest in the European Union and makes use of this and the NATO for its own economic, political and military aspirations to power and influence.





DE06Labor productivity per hour from 100% 1991 to 134,8% 2011

For years the exploitation has increased, the living conditions of the masses have deteriorated and families are confronted with tasks they cannot solve. Subcontracted labor and low wages have greatly increased. Today 14 million (17%) are poor.





DE07DE08Discontent and mass protests have increased along the entire scope of these issues.















DE11DE12The crisis of bourgeois refugee policy has lead to a societal polarization.
In 2015 a progressive change of mood arose among the masses, many are looking for an alternative.
Alone more than 2.5 million people participated in trade union strikes,

DE13The government reacted with a shift to the right. That has also mobilized ultra-reactionary and neo-fascist forces.
Progressive, antifascist, and revolutionary forces of the movements of the workers, youth, women, and  environment activities have begun to join forces in an Internationalist Alliance for a struggle for a genuine societal alternative.



Situation of the mining industry in Germany

DE15Since the world economic and financial crisis 2008-2014, the liquidation of the subsidized coal mining was promoted in order to introduce the extremely toxic gas and oil fracking.
















DE18Today only 45.000 miners remain:
 fewer than 10.000 in hard coal mining (RAG) on 2mines
 21.000 in the worlds largest brown coal opencast mining   (RWE, Vattenfall) in 3 major mining areas.
 About 14.500 at (“Kali+Salz”)in potash and salt mining.
 This is  world market leader in potash.
 At least 50% of its turnover are made with the underground storage of toxic wastes, which is an environment crime.


Living conditions of the mining families











DE21Since 1990 miners have declined from being top-wage earners to becoming low-wage earners.
The RAG succeedes in destroying 690.000 jobs and 100.000 places for trainess up to now.
That this was largely possible without mass struggles is a result of the class collabaration policies of the trade-union leadership.



Struggles, demands, forms of organization

DE22The social situations in the regions is declining.
At the same time exploitation is increasind enourmously.
A large part of our actice and former miners are organized in our trade union IGBCE.






1997 marked a turning point of the development

DE23The government's plan to dismiss 60.000 miners in hard coal mining failed in the face of a 7-day independent strike of 135.000 miners,and was connected to blockades of roads and government districts. The government was elected out of office.






DE24Following this, an entire system of rank-and-file work was developed, which ecompasses all of life, the social and ecological question. It includes militant and revolutionary miners and their families.








DE25DE26Keeping alive the revolutionary traditions,
Solidarity with international struggles of the miners.

We as the non-party afiliated movement “Kumpel für AUF” conduct a broad mass and alliance work. We have decided to become a member of the “International Miners Coordination” and have made this known publicity.







This way has led to important successes in struggle

DE27In 2010, the EU decision (!) to liquidate the hard coal mining as early as 2014 had to be taken back.








DE28A labor agreement for turning the miners into subcontracted and itinerant workers had to be declared invalid.








DE29Up till now Fracking could not  be introduced on a broad scale. A movement is growing for the protection the drinking water reserves of millions of people from
poisoning through stored toxic wastes and PCB.















DE30Resistance against the attacks upon factory pensions is forming.









DE31There were victories in the struggle against repression.
There were repeated examples that we succeeded in determining public opinion and driving the “Ruhrkohle AG” and the government into the deffensive.

















DE35DE36The future lies in the international fighting unity of the miners of the rank and file!