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Call for the International Day of Struggle against Fascism and War!

The competition for influence and supremacy in the world between the leading imperialist powers USA, China, Russia and the EU is visibly increasing. Proxy wars like in Syria, Libya, Ukraine or in the Sahel zone can become a direct military clash of the imperialist great powers. The danger of a third world war is increasing dramatically. Many people are rightly concerned about this.

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Declaration of solidarity to the workers of the Prodeco Group in Colombia

Dear friends, dear relatives, dear Igor Diaz. On behalf of the International Mineworkers' Coordination, I would like to express my heartfelt solidarity with you in the struggle against the Prodeco Group and the multinational Glencore as the sole shareholder of the Prodeco Group. You are fighting for your jobs and for the income on which your families have to live. The International Mineworkers' Coordination's Programme of Struggle states: "Today, a few international corporations control the world's extraction, processing and trade in raw materials.

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Chile: Workers at Escondida mine approach strike

Workers at the Escondida mine in Chile are edging closer to strike action after rejecting BHP's final wage offer threatening the global supply chain. (In 2020, Chile’s copper mine production was estimated at 5.7 million metric tons of metal content, representing 28.5 percent of the global copper production that year.) Workers at the Escondida mine in Chile have rejected owner BHP Group’s final wage offer.

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Declaration of solidarity and protest with Stefan Engel

Dear Stefan Engel and MLPD, You have our fullest support in the struggle against state despotism and attack on democratic rights. It is an outrageous act and attack on democratic rights that Stefan Engel and other comrades associated with the MLPD were declared a dangerous person in 2018. We think it is exactly right that you Stefan Engel accuse the operators - Seehofer and Co - because of your danger speech!

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Greetings from miners and their organisations at Saturday's protest meeting in Gelsenkirchen

From Ukraine we received the greeting message of the miners' union "Defense of Labor". They write: "With pleasure we learned that the Miners' Initiative is organizing a solemn unveiling of the monument commemorating the great strike of miners in Germany in 1997. The miners' strike in Germany in 1997 gave us all an example of a bright and heroic struggle of the working class against the anti-people plans of the bourgeois government in Germany.

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Letter to the miners in Soma/Turkey

Dear miners, dear friends, Together with you we commemorate today, the 13th of May, 2021, the 301 miners who lost their lives in Soma in 2014. You have rightly demanded the punishment of those responsible as well as compensation for the families of the miners who died. With the march to Ankara in December 2020, a militant signal was produced and you had and have my fullest solidarity.

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Proposal 1st May Call from the ICG

May 1st is the Workers' Day of Struggle, especially in times of the Corona Pandemic. The ICG calls on all miners and their families worldwide to actively participate on 1 May, according to their possibilities. For example, through demonstrations and rallies against passing the burden of the crisis on the workers and the broad masses as well as dismantling civil democratic rights. Worldwide, the numbers of infected people and deaths due to COVID-19 are rising while the crisis management of the governments is failing because they follow the dictates of international monopolies who want to secure their profit.

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Kazakhstan: There is a lot going on among the miners today

We have also, but already in 2017, we had a strong strike of miners of 4 mines. 7 thousand miners were on strike underground for four days and partially achieved an increase in wages. But the main issue of miners in Kazakhstan has not been resolved. Our miners retire at 63 and many receive (myself included) a minimum pension.

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Call of the International Coordination of Mineworkers (ICG) for the International Women's Day on March 8, 2021

International Women's Day 2021 takes place in the situation of the deepest world economic and financial crisis, exacerbated by the global Corona pandemic, which has the potential to develop into an overall social crisis.
Worldwide there are over 2.2 million dead and over 130 million people suffering from Corona.

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To the miners of Zenica Colliery and all other mines on strike in Bosnia

Hello miners and your family, I, have learned about your strike for your jobs and for the payment of your outstanding wages. I myself am a former miner underground and I can understand your situation very well. I have been in the situation myself to strike against the threat of mass layoffs. As a miner and main coordinator of the international miners' coordination you have our solidarity. Bosnian

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