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To the miners of Zenica Colliery and all other mines on strike in Bosnia

Hello miners and your family, I, have learned about your strike for your jobs and for the payment of your outstanding wages. I myself am a former miner underground and I can understand your situation very well. I have been in the situation myself to strike against the threat of mass layoffs. As a miner and main coordinator of the international miners' coordination you have our solidarity. Bosnian

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Germany: Declaration of solidarity to the women miners of the main gold mine Pueblo Arrecife of the El Cielo gold group company in Matlosana

Dear mothers, daughters and sons and relatives of the striking miners, we, miners' wives from Germany, are following your strike with great interest. Your demands have our full solidarity. We cannot allow our husbands, sons and relatives to have their jobs taken away from them and to be criminalised because they are fighting for their rights, their pension contributions, compensation for funerals and severance pay.

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Germany: Declaration of solidarity to miners in artisanal mines in Katanga mining area

Dear Miners, I, as a former underground miner in Germany and the main coordinator of the International Miners' Coordination, feel it is my duty, as well as my personal need, to support the struggle for the rights of artisanal miners in old Katanga by the industrial mining companies and the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Declaration of solidarity to the National Workers' Union of Mali (UNTM)

Hello miners from the Syama Gold Mine of Resolute Mining. You have my full solidarity in your strike against forced leave and leave of absence without pay for miners. We understand this is the second time you are fighting to protect your health in the Covid 19 pandemic. Here you are quite rightly demanding that the mining company takes the protection of miners' health seriously, but also that when you are on leave, your salaries continue to be paid so that you and your families can live decently.

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Declaration of solidarity to the miners of the gold mine Village Main Reef

of the Chinese "Heaven sent Gold Group Company "in Matlosana Dear miners, You have my fullest solidarity in your all-out strike, now underway, against the investigation of alleged property damage, as well as failure to follow instructions and suspension of the 850 miners involved in the sit-in. This is an outrageous criminalization and you have our fullest support.

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Germany: Dear miners' wives in Belarus,

We miners' wives from Germany have heard about your protest against the government. You have shown in your protests that the government simply cannot get through without your protest and courageous and tireless struggle, so you were attacked and experienced violence.

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Declaration of protest: To the Ukrainian Government, To the Management of the Krivoy Rog Mine in Ukraine

To the owners of the Krivoy Rog Kolomoyski and Akhmetov mines
the reprisals being carried out against the miners of Krivoj Rog. It is undemocratic for legitimate workers' protests and strikes to be declared illegal by employers, courts and government. We will make this arbitrary act known worldwide and call on all governments to protest against this action and to support the struggle for workers' rights, the right of association, assembly and negotiation.

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Proposal of the Call from the ICG/IMC to the International Day of Struggle for the Environmental 14.11.20

Miners together against the extermination of our livelihoods through the destruction of the natural environment, and for the future of the youth! In this situation, where the world economic and financial crisis is intensified by the corona pandemic, we miners have a special responsibility to take to the streets to preserve the natural foundations of human life and the future of the youth.

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Declaration of solidarity by ICOR to the striking miners in Ukraine

Dear striking miners in Ukraine, we have heard about your courageous strike since 3 September and we want to express our full solidarity with your struggle! It is exactly right to make demands for higher wages and better health protection and to fight for them with determination. While workers around the world are currently being told that they will have to accept losses and redundancies due to the corona pandemic, we know that crises are inherent in capitalism, as is the current world economic crisis.

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