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Declaration of protest: To the Ukrainian Government, To the Management of the Krivoy Rog Mine in Ukraine

To the owners of the Krivoy Rog Kolomoyski and Akhmetov mines
the reprisals being carried out against the miners of Krivoj Rog. It is undemocratic for legitimate workers' protests and strikes to be declared illegal by employers, courts and government. We will make this arbitrary act known worldwide and call on all governments to protest against this action and to support the struggle for workers' rights, the right of association, assembly and negotiation.

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Proposal of the Call from the ICG/IMC to the International Day of Struggle for the Environmental 14.11.20

Miners together against the extermination of our livelihoods through the destruction of the natural environment, and for the future of the youth! In this situation, where the world economic and financial crisis is intensified by the corona pandemic, we miners have a special responsibility to take to the streets to preserve the natural foundations of human life and the future of the youth.

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Declaration of solidarity by ICOR to the striking miners in Ukraine

Dear striking miners in Ukraine, we have heard about your courageous strike since 3 September and we want to express our full solidarity with your struggle! It is exactly right to make demands for higher wages and better health protection and to fight for them with determination. While workers around the world are currently being told that they will have to accept losses and redundancies due to the corona pandemic, we know that crises are inherent in capitalism, as is the current world economic crisis.

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The International Coordination Group of Automotive Workers sent us the following declaration of solidarity with the Daimler workforce, which we are happy to publish.

The workers at Daimler are acutely threatened by job cuts or even plant closures and are faced with the question of how they can lead the fight for their jobs across the group. At the founding conference of the International Miners' Coordination in 2013 it was decided: "Today it is less and less possible to stand up to the international mining monopolies in isolation from each other and locally restricted. What we need is the unity of workers worldwide! This also applies to the automobile workers and to all workers across industries! click on Read more for the appeal for the International Automotive Workers Coordination

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Krivoy Rog; As these lines are written, 22 brave miners of the Oktyabrskaya mine remain on strike underground.

Hundreds of their comrades from various mines — including women — have already risen to the surface. Their demands have only been partially met, but they remain committed to their struggle. New, desperate battles lie ahead, against capital and for a decent life for Ukrainian workers. For the first time in the history of our state, we are witnessing labour struggle and solidarity on this scale.

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Dear Friends of the International Miners' Coordination Group

Thank you very much for your letters of solidarity! Especially as the words of solidarity are really very important for us right now. There is now a nationwide campaign to harass the representatives of the workers' teams who took part in the wave of strikes in August. First of all, the repression is directed against the leaders of the strike committees who have recently appeared. Pressure on striking miners is also increasing in Soligorsk.

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To the miners in Poland /Upper Silesia

Hello mates and your family, I, have heard about your fight against the planned mine closures and you have my fullest solidarity. As a former hard coal miner in Germany at the age of about 35, I am familiar with a wide range of promises made by the government and management. At the moment miners in Germany who have been dismissed for operational reasons are fighting for their jobs at the RAG/RAG Foundation.

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Ukraine: appeal to the workers in Belarus

Zakhyst Pratsi: The Ukrainian workers appeal to the workers in Belarus

PI member “Zakhyst Pratsi”, an independent Ukrainian trade union, appeals to the workers in Belarus to fight against the double threat of neoliberal reforms and autocratic rule.

Dear brothers and sisters in Belarus. We admire the strength and the courage you have shown in your struggle against your anti-grass roots government. The conservative and oligarchic regime feared above all a determined and organised protest by the Belarusian working class and its independent trade unions.

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Letter of solidarity to the striking miners of El Cerrejon in Colombia

Dear colleagues, we have heard that you have been on strike since Monday. Despite the Corona crisis, you are leading a courageous struggle for your workers' rights, life, dignity and health. You have our fullest solidarity in your strike. We international miners stand by your side and wish your struggle every success! At the 2nd International Miners' Conference in Ramagundam/India in February 2017 we decided on an International Program of Struggle.

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