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Ukraine: appeal to the workers in Belarus

Zakhyst Pratsi: The Ukrainian workers appeal to the workers in Belarus

PI member “Zakhyst Pratsi”, an independent Ukrainian trade union, appeals to the workers in Belarus to fight against the double threat of neoliberal reforms and autocratic rule.

Dear brothers and sisters in Belarus. We admire the strength and the courage you have shown in your struggle against your anti-grass roots government. The conservative and oligarchic regime feared above all a determined and organised protest by the Belarusian working class and its independent trade unions.

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Letter of solidarity to the striking miners of El Cerrejon in Colombia

Dear colleagues, we have heard that you have been on strike since Monday. Despite the Corona crisis, you are leading a courageous struggle for your workers' rights, life, dignity and health. You have our fullest solidarity in your strike. We international miners stand by your side and wish your struggle every success! At the 2nd International Miners' Conference in Ramagundam/India in February 2017 we decided on an International Program of Struggle.

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To the miners of the Nadiya coal mine

Dear miners, you have my full solidarity as a former miner and member of the Coordination Group and its main coordinator, the International Miners' Coordination. It is an absurdity and a criminal move that you have not yet received your wages for your work. The world's miners are increasingly exploited in the context of the international economic and financial crisis that began in 2018, aggravated by the Corona pandemic. You can be assured of my fullest support in this time of struggle for your future.

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declaration of solidarity to the miners and their families of the jade mine of Hpakant in the northern Burmese state of Kachin

Hello miners, relatives and friends, Through the news we have learned of the terrible accident at the mine near Hpakant in the northern Burmese state of Kachin. More than 160 people have been recovered dead so far, many are still missing and about 200 are calculated to have died. This disaster shakes us deeply. Our thoughts are with you, the relatives and their friends.

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To the striking miners in India

Hello, miners, I have heard from the IFTU, which is a member of the International Miners' Coordination, about your three day strike against the planned privatization of 41 coal mining areas in 5 states. I am the main coordinator of the International Miners Coordination and a former underground miner in the coal industry, you have my fullest solidarity in your struggle.

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Albania: The miners are organizing for another strike

We have received the following report from the organization Organizata Politike from Albania They ask for solidarity for the miners in Albania. Please send your declarations of solidarity in English to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will publish them on our homepage and forward them. 27 miners have died since 2014, 8 of whom while working at the AlbChrome mine-pit. Discontent among miners has been brewing for some time. The chronicles of their deaths barely make it on national television, whereas only recently a main prosecutor was accused of negligence in investigating seven deaths dating from 2006-2011 period.

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Germany CAT: Solidarity helps to win

171009catThe closure of mines in the German hard coal industry also meets the colleagues in the supplier industry. They are also challenged in the struggle for every job. This challenge was accepted at Caterpillar. In this context, there are also repeated oppressive measures by the corporations against which the struggle is taken and the solidarity developed. We document a publication on a process against such a politically motivated dismissal at Caterpillar.

"Along with some supporters and their lawyer Frank Stierlin, Claudia Thylmann yesterday won her case against the politically motivated dismissal by Caterpillar.

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Solidarity to strike at VW Portugal on 30th of August

75% votes by ballot of the employees against the planned introduction of regular work on Saturday at VW location in Palmela (Lissabon) express a determined „No“. Starting with first day of strike on 30th of August, they want to stress their demands. Further days of strike are intended in September, if VW does not cancel the planned tightening of exploitation. Considering the result of voting the Workers Commission resigned. They had given in majority their consent to the agreement, which was dictated by VW in guide of blackmailing.http://www.iaar.de/index.php/en/