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Poland: A friend's report on the mining accident in Katowice

Yes, indeed this tragedy occurred. Not two, but three miners died. The tragedy took place at the Mysłowice-Wesoła coal mine, located directly in the vicinity of Katowice, in Silesia - it happened at 3:29AM on 14 May. There was a bump, the tremor occurred 665 metres underground. Fifteen people were in the affected area, eleven were withdrawn.

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Press release by Kumpel für Auf "Julian Wächter has won his case against Kali + Salz (K+S)!"

Full success of solidarity has significance for all miners: Miner Julian Wächter has won his case against Kali + Salz (K+S)! At the court hearing on 11 April, the Fulda Labour Court ruled that K+S had unlawfully dismissed miner Julian Wächter without notice. The reason for this was his militant speech at a staff meeting in September 2023. This means that the employment relationship remains in place. Julian must continue to be employed until the end of the legal dispute. Congratulations to Julian!

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Office of International Miners' Coordination: No struggle must stand alone! Together against attacks on miners' trade union rights!

The world's largest platinum producer Implats in Rustenburg, South Africa, announced the dismissal of 12,000 of the 28,000 striking miners on 26 January, just one day after the police killed one of the miners on strike! One of the affected colleagues documented a text message he had received from the company: "As a consequence of their absence at the hearing where they were supposed to declare that they had participated in an illegal strike action, the company has decided to dismiss them in absentia. They have 3 days to appeal."

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Declaration of solidarity to the miners of the Chingola mine in Zambia

The Chingola mine is an illegal open-cast copper mine where work is carried out without a licence. In this respect, there is also no information about how many miners are working there. The accident was caused by a landslide after heavy rainfall. The miners were buried and probably drowned.

To the miners of the Chingola copper mine in Zambia

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Declaration of solidarity to the striking dockworkers

Dear colleagues, We have learnt about your strike for every job and training place at Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG. It is unacceptable that a "secret contract" is being used to decide on your colleagues. On behalf of the International Miners' Coordination, I would like to express our solidarity with your strike. At the 3rd International Miners' Conference, the solidarity between dockers and miners was demonstrated.

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Kazakhstan: Statement of protest to ArcelorMittal

icg logoTo the Management

Subject: Mine accident at the Kostenko mine in Karaganda

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are horrified by the death of the 38 miners so far, as well as the many injured. At the same time, we feel anger and indignation that accidents like yesterday's at the Kostenko mine in Karaganda are still happening. This does not have to happen again in this day and age. There have long been experiences, methods and technical possibilities to protect the safety of the miners and also the people living around a mine from harm.

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Miners for AUF at the Durham Miners' Big Meeting

A delegation from Miners for AUF and one with members of the MLPD from Germany also took part in the 137th Durham Miners Gala on 8 July. The Durham County coalfield is located in the north-east of England. It is known for its militant miners' movement. This tradition connects with today's struggles and demands of the working class for higher wages, against the increase of the retirement age, for saving the environment.

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