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This Saturday (6.11.) the Government of Bangladesh will report to the International Labour Organisation on their promises to improve the working conditions of 67 million Bangladeshis

But despite their past promises, it's been all talk and no action... 35,000 Bangladeshis die at work every year, 8 million are injured. Sexual violence is rife, millions of workplaces are barely monitored by government labour inspectors, and people are trapped in jobs with poverty wages. Workers want #ABetterBangladesh, but it's clear the government of Bangladesh hasn't done enough.

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Iran: Workers’ Protests and Strikes, Expansion of the Scope of the Strikes by the Miners

Expansion of the strike of the miners and the attack of the special guard on the gathering and sit-ins of the striking workers in Zarand Kerman, the entry of Haft Tappeh workers into the eighth day of the strike, the strike of the copper miners of Sungun, the strike and march of third-pillars forces working in the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone, including the Persian Gulf Holding, and the protest rally of Ahwaz green space workers.

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Asia: Striking miners in Myanmar affect military revenues

Since the military coup in February, 4,800 miners have been on strike in Monywa township. The solid five-month strike has undermined the revenue of the military regime. The miners’ strike has taken a toll on Myanmar’s copper exports. In February, copper exports to China fell 55 percent on a year-on-year basis. While the copper exports to China increased to 37.6 percent in March, markets believe that the Chinese-owned multinational mining company Wanbao Mining Copper was selling its inventory.

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India: A Brief Note on the Pandemic Situation

The second wave of the pandemic in the country has become so grave that the daily number of cases has crossed well over three hundred fifty thousand, while the mortality rate has also gone up in the last one month. From an average 0.4% it has spiked to 1.7%. Every day news pours in of people dying due to the absence of oxygen supply. Hospitals are full with no beds and patients are sleeping on stretchers.

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Armenia: Strikes at two mining companies

Strikes at two mining companies in Armenia have resulted in wage increase and improved health and safety. On 8 and 9 April, miners at Kapan mining and processing plant that employs 1,200 workers, went on strike demanding better health and safety and wage increases.

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Joint statement by 15 organisations on May Day

Joint statement of 15 organization including : syndicates and other independent labor organizations ,teachers trade associations,independent retirees organizations and women rights advocate organizations for May First,International labor day Long live May First The day of international solidarity of the workers of the world.

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Hold Aloft the Banner of Struggle - MAY DAY Zindabad

The 135th year of the historic May Day will be celebrated by the workers of the world under conditions of the pandemic and consequent restrictions used as a tool by the ruling classes to stifle normal democratic activity.

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India: Report from the buddies

regret the delay in communicating to you on the situation here.Actually, the pandemic once again is on the rise in many states of the country including the state of Telangana. Hyderabad is once again witnessing rise in covid cases. Last year this month India witnessed of the worst, harshest and unplanned lockdown resulting in deaths and misery of workers in the unorganised sectors.

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Sad to say, we are facing the same conditions here in the Philippines, if not worse

Another set of stricter lockdown policies in the capital region restricted the mobility of workers going to work. The COVID situation isn't getting any better. Everyday, the number of infected and deaths continue to rise. Yet the people don't have enough food and money to ensure their daily lives due to lack of economic relief from the government, and our healthcare system continues to deteriorate day by day.

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Pakistan: Miners demonstrate and block the road against fascist attack

7 January, 2021 Pakistani mineworkers' unions estimate that at least 208 workers were killed on the job in 2020. This trend seems set to continue this year, with a fatal accident on New Years' Day, and two fatal accidents and a terror attack on 3 January. So far this year, 14 mineworkers have been killed.!

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