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Sad to say, we are facing the same conditions here in the Philippines, if not worse

Another set of stricter lockdown policies in the capital region restricted the mobility of workers going to work. The COVID situation isn't getting any better. Everyday, the number of infected and deaths continue to rise. Yet the people don't have enough food and money to ensure their daily lives due to lack of economic relief from the government, and our healthcare system continues to deteriorate day by day.

There have also been arising issues with regard to the roll out of vaccines, aside from they are too slow, there are issues of corruption and whatnot. In the past days too, there's been a series of attacks on our union leaders and activists. I don't know if you have heard of the March 7 Bloody Sunday where police and state army operations led to the killing of 9 activists (incldg. one union organizer), and illegal arrest and detention of six activists (three of them are union leaders). On March 28, Dandy Miguel of KMU's national council was gunned down. And on March 31, another KMU leader Pol Viuya together with a peasant leader Joseph Canlas were arrested on simultaneous raids. The clamor for medical solutions instead of militarism remains as strong as ever.