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Founding Resolution of the International Miners' Coordination

Arequipa/Peru, 3 March 2013

Miners worldwide –together for a future worth living for!

We miners are standing up worldwide for our interests and those of our families. In 2011/2012 alone there were a number of powerful strikes and struggles of hundreds of thousands of miners in South Africa, the Congo, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Australia, Indonesia, Poland, Spain, Italy, the Philippines, etc. for higher wages, for political and trade union rights, for the defense of the natural foundations of life or against the plundering of the country by the international mining enterprises. The struggles within the past months express how the miners are less and less willing to accept the increasing exploitation. They demand a considerable improvement of their living standard, rights and liberties for doing trade-union work and conducting strikes. They are less and less letting themselves be intimidated by state violence, as the platinum miners in South Africa vehemently showed. There and in struggles like in Spain, Peru or Colombia, miners have become an important point of orientation for the struggle of the broad masses.

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