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South Africa: Strike, because the minimum wage of 206 US$ is not even enough for food (294 US$)

Tens of thousands of workers marched across the country’s cities and towns on 24 August for living wages and to protest deteriorating socio-economic conditions. Unions say the cost of living is high, electricity supply unreliable and expensive, while service delivery by national and local government is erratic.

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Morocco: four young workers were left to die because there were no safety measures in place

The city of Jerada, the former mining city, once again invited three young workers in the traditional coal wells (Sandrias), in addition to a fourth young worker who was a victim of a coal well in Beni Tadjit, which raises the number of victims of these traditional wells, since they closed the coal mines of Jerada in 1998, to 48. Among the martyrs of poverty and marginalization, and the absence of any practical solutions on the part of the state's policies, since the uprising of the youth of the city of Jerada in 2018, and the repression and unfair rulings accompanying it.

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Zimbabwe: Seven workers die in a gold mine

7 miners were about to go into their well-deserved retirement when the cork bucket used to lift them to the surface fell down a 240-meter shaft after the wire rope broke. The accident occurred on May 14 at Bucks Mine near Gwanda, and the bodies of the deceased workers were recovered following salvage operations by the Ministry of Mines and Mine Development and other mine rescue teams.

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25,000 miners at Sibanye Stillwater continue to strike

Strike week 7 for the miners of the Sibanye-Stillwater gold mine organised in the AMCU and NUM unions. The 25,000 strikers are fighting for more pay. A total of 31,000 workers are employed at Sibanye Stillwater. This is the largest gold, platinum and palladium producer in the world. The miners rejected an offer from Sibanye of 850 rand.

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To the President of Sibanye Stillwater Neal Froneman

To Sibanye Stillwater Neal Froneman My name is Andreas Tadysiak and I myself worked in the German coal industry, including about 35 years as an electrician underground. I am the main coordinator of the International Miners' Coordination and I protest in the strongest possible terms against the lockout order against striking miners from AMCU and NUM and call on you to withdraw it immediately! Respect the right to bargain, the right to assemble and the right to strike.

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Solidarity statement to the Stillwater miners

Hello comrades, miners of Stillwater Sibanye. I have learned of the lockout order against striking miners from AMCU and NUM and would like to express my solidarity with you. These reprisals against you by the management of Stillwater Sibanye are not justified. We will protest against it. You are justifiably campaigning for higher wages and are being locked out for it.

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South Africa: Demonstration and motorway blockade

JOHANNESBURG : Hundreds of striking Sibanye-Stillwater workers blocked a major highway outside Johannesburg on Friday to press their demands for higher wages, and union leaders said they would not back down despite the gold miner's no work, no pay policy.

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South Africa': NUM-Union members in gold mining industry determined to fight

Last week, the majority of union members in the two major unions, NUM and AMCU, voted to go on strike. On Tuesday this week, the strike began for 1000 rand more per month (about €60) at South Africa's largest gold mining company, Stillwater Sibanye. The company offered 800 rand more per month. The company's mines are located in the Johannesburg area.

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Africa: Death in shaft 16 at Impala Rustenburg on 28 Nov

Johannesburg: Two mineworkers have been rescued and the bodies of three have been recovered at Impala Rustenburg 6 Shaft, which suffered an underground mud-rush incident. Search and rescue operations continued around the clock following the incident which took place on Sunday, November 28.

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