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Solidarity statement to the Stillwater miners

Hello comrades, miners of Stillwater Sibanye. I have learned of the lockout order against striking miners from AMCU and NUM and would like to express my solidarity with you. These reprisals against you by the management of Stillwater Sibanye are not justified. We will protest against it. You are justifiably campaigning for higher wages and are being locked out for it.

This must not be tolerated! You had our full support from the very beginning of your industrial action. The struggle programme of the International Mineworkers' Coordination states, among other things: "...We demand that all governments of the world protect the right to organise, to assemble and to bargain. ...and demand that corporations respect this. For free trade union and political activity! For a universal and legal right to strike! For trade unions as fighting organisations to defend and improve our living, wage and working conditions! ..." Your struggle will be weakened if the unions disagree and stab you in the back by accepting the employers' austerity offer. Don't let them divide you - stick together! Stillwater chief executive Neal Fronemann must be sacked. "...It is less and less possible today to stand up to the international mining monopolies in isolation from each other and on a local basis. What we need is the unity of workers worldwide!... "Excerpt from the founding resolution of the International Miners' Coordination That is why we have united in the International Miners' Coordination. We have been promoting the common international struggle of the miners for several years and could learn a lot from your important experiences. For this purpose, we are holding our 3rd International Miners' Conference from 31.8.2023 to 3.9.2023. It will take place in Germany/Thuringia and we would be very happy about your support and participation. We will report about your struggle on our homepage www.minersconference.org and call for solidarity with you and your unions. We would be happy to receive more reports and also photos so that we can publish them to inform the miners of the world about your struggle. Write to us how we can support you in your struggle. We wish you much strength and success in your struggle and stand side by side with you! Andreas Tadysiak General Coordinator of the International Miners' Coordination