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Info Letter No. 3 of the 2nd International Miners Coordination

icg logoDear colleagues, dear comrades,
the 2nd meeting of the “International Coordination Group” (ICG) was from the 15th to the 18th of May, 2018 and we would like to inform you about the most important results. The meeting took place in a turbulent political situation worldwide. The Main Coordinator reported about a successful strike by Australian miners and everybody was pleased that contact with them has finally been established.

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Info letter No 1 of the 2nd International Miners’ Coordination

Dear friends, the 2nd International Miners' Conference took place very successfully in Ramagundam/Godavari-Khani, an important mining region in India, from 2 to the 5 February 2017. The region of Singareni is called the "Manchester of India". In that region a bitter resistance takes place against the conversion from underground to open pit mining with hundreds of villages are being razed to the ground, a monstrous environmental destruction is taking place and productivity and exploitation are rapidly increasing.

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Information letter No. 9 for the 2nd International Miners‘ Conference from February 2 to 5 2017, Ramagundam/ Godavari Khani, India

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

the 2nd International Miners' Conference in India will begin in 3 months. The Indian National Preparatory Committee courageously faces its responsibility as host country. 12 trade union federations cooperate in it. They started a campaign concerning the announcement and preparation of the International Miners' Conference throughout the Indian mining regions. A "Reception Committee" consisting of 86 personalities, partly professors etc., invoke in a beautifully designed call to support the conference. Flyers, the poster as well as the call of the Reception Committee can be found on our website. The preparation takes place under the impression of the struggles of the Indian miners who, among other things, actively participated in the powerful general strike against the government on 2 September, too.

In the meantime, delegates from 18 countries and 4 continents confirmed their registration by name.
We received requests for participation from 15 other countries. Currently, the attendance is being discussed in several countries.

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Informationsbrief Nr. 9 zur 2. Internationalen Bergarbeiterkonferenz vom 2. bis 5. Februar 2017, Ramagundam/Godavari Khani, Indien

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen, liebe Freunde,

in 3 Monaten beginnt die 2. Internationale Bergarbeiterkonferenz in Indien. Das indische nationale Vorbereitungskomitee stellt sich mutig seiner Verantwortung als Gastgeberland. Es arbeiten 12 Gewerkschaftsverbände darin mit. Sie haben in den indischen Bergbauregionen eine Kampagne zur Bekanntmachung und Vorbereitung der internationalen Bergarbeiterkonferenz begonnen. Ein „Empfangskomitee" aus 86 Persönlichkeiten, zum Teil Professoren usw. rufen in einem schön gestalteten Aufruf zur Unterstützung der Konferenz auf. Flyer, Plakat sowie der Aufruf des Empfangskomitees sind auf unserer Homepage. Die Vorbereitung findet unter dem Eindruck der Kämpfe der indischen Bergleute statt, die sich u. a. am 2. September auch am mächtigen Generalstreik gegen die Regierung aktiv beteiligten.

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Letter of information No. 8 for the 2. International Miners' Conference in Ramagundam/Telegana in India from 2 to 5 February 2017

icg logoDear participants of the 2. IMC,
the 2. International Miners' Conference will take place in Ramagundam/Godavarikhani in the federal state Telangana/India from 2 to 5 February 2017.

1. Character, Tasks and Goals of the 2. International Miners' Conference
The 2. International Miners' Conference has the goal to promote the international coordination and cooperation of the militant and class militant miners' movement of the 21 million miners worldwide. That includes to get to know each other, to learn from each other, to strengthen the trust into each other and to draw conclusions from for the development of the coordination to a higher level. Therefore all the important questions of work, life, struggles, organization, environment, youth and families and so on shall be the object of deliberation and decisions. A center piece of the conference will be the deliberation and decision about an international practical program.
The homepage „www.minersconference.org" is a means for the mutual worldwide exchange of the miners and for the preparation of the conference. All important documents for the International Miners' Conference will be published here.
The 2. International Miners' Conference will be prepared and self organized in an international process of discussion and preparation by all participants on equal terms, democratically and ueberparteilich (non party affiliated). Each participant makes a contribution and takes on responsibility for a successful preparation and realization of the conference according to his possibilities. The 2. International Miners' Conference is closely connected to the rank-and-file and includes it broadly in the preparation and implementation.

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To all contacts of the International Miners' Coordination Information letter number 6

Date: 20 July 2015

the 3rd meeting of the "International Coordinating Group" (ICG) took place from 23 to 25 April 2015. We would like to inform you on the most important results. The preparation of the 2nd International Miners' Conference in India 2017 was in the center of attention. We are now starting the immediate preparation on the basis of the decisions of the 1st International Miners' Conference. The huge mutual trust and a great unification on important decisions to prepare the 2nd International Miners' Conference was striking. The meeting expressed the huge progress and a positive development of the International Miners' Coordination since the 1st International Miners' Conference.

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