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Information Letter No. 3 of the 3rd International Miners' Conference

Information letter No. 3 for the participants of the 3rd International Miners’ Conference, from 31st of August until 3rd of September, 2023, in Thuringia, Germany.

Hello to all miners as well as your wives and friends,

the International Miners' Coordination is hosting the 3rd International Miners' Conference from 31/8 until 3/9/2023 in Thuringia/Germany while the non-party miners' movement “Kumpel für AUF”, according to their task, assumed the organisational preparation and mobilisation of this conference in Germany.
It is a conference of miners for miners “and guided by the principle that we miners, together with our families, must cooperate internationally and coordinate our struggles if we are to become a superior force to the international mining monopolies and their governments"
(Programme of Struggle of the International Miners' Coordination).

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