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Info Letter No. 3 of the 2nd International Miners Coordination

icg logoDear colleagues, dear comrades,
the 2nd meeting of the “International Coordination Group” (ICG) was from the 15th to the 18th of May, 2018 and we would like to inform you about the most important results. The meeting took place in a turbulent political situation worldwide. The Main Coordinator reported about a successful strike by Australian miners and everybody was pleased that contact with them has finally been established.

At begin the meeting dealt with the general war preparations of the imperialists. It focused on the evaluation of the 2nd International Miners’ Conference in India in 2018, the implementation of its resolutions and of our constituting meeting. On our continents and regions we are now moving to the direct coordination of the miners as well as their struggles worldwide. The great mutual trust, the creative discussion and a great unification on all decisions concerning the continental/regional coordination at the meeting, as well as on the evaluation of the 2nd International Miners’ Conference, was remarkable. The meeting reflected the great progress and positive development of the International Miners Coordination since the 2nd International Miners' Conference.

The members of the International Coordination Group from India, Congo, Peru and Germany were present. We were particularly pleased that our public protest enabled the participation of our colleague from the Democratic Republic of Congo, whose visa application to the EU had been initially refused. Unfortunately, the representatives from Kazakhstan and Morocco were unable to attend the meeting. They had received their visas too late. The representative from the Philippines could not get his passport in time. The conclusion therefore is that we need to start preparing for the ICG meetings earlier.

The following key decisions were passed at the 2nd meeting of the International Coordination Group:

The evaluation of the 2nd IMC was unanimously decided and will be sent to the delegates and participants of the 2nd IMC.
In order to establish the structure of the continental and regional coordination we took groundbreaking decisions. Regional and continental conferences shall take place on all continents by mid 2020. Deputies, as well as support teams for the ICG members, are to be found and set up in the individual countries.

Important resolutions were adopted by the ICG. A call to the miners of the world to take the lead in the struggle against the impending general threat of war. Another resolution calls for actions of solidarity against the mine closures worldwide. For this, a decision was taken to hold a joint global day of action in September. Also, a declaration of solidarity with the struggle of the miners in Ukraine which calls for worldwide practical solidarity with the miners and their families. The miners have been on strike for a long time because their wages aren't being paid and the families are suffering from hunger. The state apparatus tries to intimidate the miners by means of repression.

We call on you to:

Become a member of the International Miners Coordination!

Distribute the programme of struggle as well as the calls of the International Miners Coordination!

For the joint struggle of miners worldwide!

With a heartfelt Good Luck,
International Coordination Group of the International Miners Coordination