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South Africa: Strike in gold mining

Since December 1, the workforce of the Village Main Reef gold mine in Matlosana, southwest of Johannesburg, has been on strike. The miners had noticed that allowances for funerals and severance payments for those laid off were not being paid. For weeks, the NUM union demanded information from management about the whereabouts of pension contributions to the pension fund, which continued to be deducted from the workers' salaries.

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Africa: Report of our Continental Coordinator

As far as the pandemic is concerned, the countries of the Third World, and especially the Arab countries, have applied the law of state of emergency, which gives governments the right to ban all demonstrations and demands and gives them the right to persecute and condemn activists, it is an opportunity to attack all the achievements of the working class.

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Declaration of solidarity to the Congolese miners

Hello miners, relatives and friends, Through the news and the internet we have heard about the terrible accident at your gold mine in Kamituga, South Kivu province. We are deeply shocked by this tragedy which has left over 50 people dead. Our thoughts are with you and your relatives. But we also feel anger and indignation that such an accident is happening today.

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Congo: Voici la déclaration de la dame concernée

,I am Dr Rekha,Indian citizen.i came here on regular request of Ritesh shah,he is Dyms at HJ hospital.i appointed as gynecologist at HJ.some month passes smoothly.after I found single women are called here,if some one want to call known or some family members ,they refused.they start directly and indirectly torture on them.only females who follow their orders,they allow them them to do their job, otherwise they start to torture them and they left the job.they terminate mostly females to put pressure on them.if female ready to obey them,she was physically abused by doctors and higher management, even some girls are supplied outside.some female staff went to their embassy but they don't get response as this people manipulate the higher authority by bribe or power.

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democratic Republic Kongo: Report about the Mining Sector

FOSYCO has its central Headquarters in the three mining Provinces Katanga, Kasai-Oriental and South-Kivu. It may be emphasized, that the headquarters of all companies normaly are localized in the capital Kinshasa. In general commit all mining companies their employees to stay on site. Some Companies grants modest bonuses, which in no way compensated the work and availability of the employees at the work places compared with the social legislation.

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Kenya: Two dead and four missing miners

Two miners have been confirmed dead and four others are still missing in Macalder Mines in Nyatike Migori County after the quarry collapsed due to heavy rains that is pounding the area.
According to reports in one of the local dailies the Star, the bodies of the dead miners were pulled 24 hours after the accident raising issues regarding disaster response when such cases occur.

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South Africa: Demand for better safety after nearly 1,000 miners trapped

Trade unions in South Africa are calling for an urgent review of safety after almost 1,000 miners were trapped underground for more than 24-hours at the Sibanye-Stillwater Beatrix gold mine in Free State.

All the 955 miners had been brought to the surface by around 6am on Friday 2 February after being stuck down the mine following a storm on the night of Wednesday 31 January that caused a power outage.

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Zimbabwe Women Stage Sit-In for Husbands’ Unpaid Wages February 5, 2018 Tula Connell

Hundreds of women in western Zimbabwe who have waged a week-long sit-in at Hwange Colliery Co. Ltd. (HCCL), demanding unpaid wages for their husbands who labor in the company’s coal mines, say they are set to march to tourist-packed Victoria Falls. There, says the women’s spokesperson, Thokozile Ncube, “we will tell the world everything about the company and how our government has failed us.”

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