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Kenia: To the miners and their members of the Macalder mines

Dear families and mates,

We learned about the bad luck in the Macalder mines through the Kenyan Peasants League. With our thoughts we are with the trapped and missing colleagues who are fighting for their lives, but also with the relatives of the killed buddies and their friends.

We condemn that not everything technically and humanly possible was done immediately to save the miners. We support the demand for unreserved clarification of the accident, as well as the elimination of the cause of the accident, so that not even more miners come into mortal danger. We demand that the families of the killed and injured miners receive sufficient support from the mining company so that they can continue living a decent life.

My name is Andreas Tadysiak. I am a miner myself underground. The International Miners' Coordination has set itself the task of coordinating and cooperating with the struggle of some 20 million miners in the world against the exploitation of mates and nature. At the 2nd International Miners' Conference in Godavarikhani, India, I was elected the main coordinator of the International Coordination Group.

Our opponents are the global mining corporations, which unscrupulously "save" for their maximum profit, among other things in terms of security, thus jeopardizing the lives and health of the miners.

This misfortune shows how important it is for us to join forces and fight together. It is important to us that we get in contact with you. Please inform us. We can not rely on the media. Write to our e-mail address how we can support you.

In hope for the salvation of the trapped mates and with solidary greetings,
Good luck for
Andreas Tadysiak