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Dear miners of Konkola Copper Mines(KCM) in Chingola

You have my fullest solidarity in your strike and we condemn the arrest of striking miners by the police. We wish you all the best, much strength and success in your struggle. I myself can understand your situation very well, as I worked as an electrician in the German underground coal mining industry for almost 35 years. However, I am also speaking as the elected main coordinator of the International Miners' Coordination, which has held two international miners' conferences in different countries since 2013.

It is important and right that you look after your own interests and the future of your families. Especially in times when the burden of the global economic and financial crisis that started in 2018, including the corona pandemic, is being put on the backs of workers and their families. We miners of the world must stand together with our families. As we stated at the first International Miners' Conference in Peru in 2013: "It is less and less possible today to stand up to the international mining monopolies in isolation from each other and in a localised way. What we need is the unity of workers worldwide!" (Excerpt from the founding resolution of the International Miners' Coordination). We miners must unite, cooperate internationally and coordinate our struggles if we want to become a superior force against the international mining monopolies and their governments. I cordially invite you to join our international miners' coordination! In 2023, the 3rd International Miners' Conference will take place in Germany, where we would be happy if you could participate in the preparation and take part. We will publicise your struggle internationally and on our homepage www.minersconference.org. Write us how the struggle continues and how we can support you. With militant and solidary greetings Andreas Tadysiak Main Coordinator of the International Miners' Coordination