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Albania: AlbChrome and the old union threaten to sack the miners if they do not join the old union.

Only if we organize and resist can we show our strength and improve our working conditions. United Miners of Bulqiza 24 January The old union of Taf Koleci and Kol Nikolla, in cooperation with the company, has begun to exert unprecedented pressure on the miners, even threatening them with dismissal if they do not join the old union.

This campaign of terror is aimed at increasing the membership of the old union, thereby legitimising it to negotiate the forthcoming collective agreement with the company. This corrupt union, which has always been on the side of the company and the political parties, is now continuing its alliance against the miners. The United Miners of Bulqiza Trade Union is calling on all its members and also all miners: Miners! Remember why we took the initiative to found the new union. The conditions of the collective agreement negotiated by the old union are sucking our blood; they are increasing the labor tariffs, while the wages are kept at a ridiculous level compared to our work. Miners! We knew it would not be easy when we took this courageous step. Four of us have now been dismissed: Elton, Beqir, Behar and Ali. And if we do not bow down to them, we will all be threatened. Is it worth lowering our heads for a job that threatens our lives every day? Miners! The only way out of our misery is to remain united against them. If we are divided, they will continue to scare us and oppress us to the end. If we remain united, we risk losing our jobs unfairly, but we will never gain our rights and dignity without taking the risk. Miners! Only if we organise and resist will we be able to show our strength and improve our working conditions. By giving up our union, we will give up our children's bread. Let us show the bravery of the people of Bulqiza, who were not afraid even of the invaders, let alone of these scoundrels. It is better to live as a lion for one day and then spend the rest of our lives as sheep!