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Pakistan: Miners killed

At the beginning of 2020, there was an increasing number of accidents and deaths in Pakistan's coal mines: This is due to the almost complete lack of safety measures and the continuing negligence of employers and the government. In Duki, in Balochistan province, a miner was killed on 27 January when he was hit by a car filled with coal.

On 23 January, a nearby worker was killed after a landslide in the mine and five others were trapped. At the Margat coal deposit, one miner died on 3 January and two were seriously injured. On 12 January two young miners were killed in mine collapses in Tirah and Darra Adamkhel. Three days later a miner was electrocuted while working. On January 21, two miners were killed when toxic gas entered the mine after an explosion. And on January 22, another miner was killed by an electric shock. For the miners' physical and mental health, the highest level of occupational safety must be guaranteed by the mining companies. The International Miners' Coordination is working for a reduction of the working hours with the aim of 6 hours per day with full compensation of wages because the miners are exposed to extreme working conditions. In addition, the International Miners' Coordination calls for a special system of early retirement for miners with difficult working conditions, with the same pension as an active worker and without conditions regarding a minimum age.