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To the miners of the "Komsomolskaya" mine Dear miners,

I, former miner in Germany and main coordinator of the international miners' coordination, will stand in solidarity with you during your strikes in April, May and currently in June 2020. I think it is right that you fight for the full payment of your wages and against threats of dismissal with great strength and determination. The world's miners are being exploited more and more in connection with the international economic and financial crisis that began in 2018 and has been further aggravated by the Corona Pandemic.

It is right and courageous of you to fight for your future at this time. At the first international miners' conference, I have noticed that it is less and less possible to solve the miners' problems and demands only by national struggles and protests. In the struggle program of the International Miners' Coordination it says: "There are more than 20 million miners worldwide who extract and win the treasures of the soil under hard and dangerous conditions, but their living conditions are very bad. Not only are wages too low to live decently, but they are stagnating or falling. They stand in no comparison to the work done by the miners. A nominal wage increase becomes insignificant in view of the rising cost of living. For an increase in wages that will allow a decent life in line with the cost of living in the respective countries." We miners of the world, together with our families, must hold together and unite internationally, cooperate internationally and coordinate our struggles if we want to become a superior force against the international mining monopolies and their governments. I cordially invite you to join our international miners' coordination! In 2022 the 3rd International Miners' Conference will take place, to which we would like to invite you already today. In preparation we are planning to hold a European meeting with the participation of the former Soviet states. At the moment the Corona Pandemic is still slowing us down, so we can't send you any more details yet. We will make your situation and your struggle known internationally. Good luck with your strike! With combative and solidary greetings and Glück auf (German miner's greeting)! Andreas Tadysiak, Chief Coordinator of the International Miners' Coordination