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Message of the solidarity committees with Iranian workers Movent – abroad

Erschien in No. 35- P. 6
Alternative Workers News-Iran

We salute your milliant second great conference and express our best wishes for your sucess. Mining workers around the world, particularly in third word coutries, where those countries are held back, while they have been the most oppressed hardworking class, historically, they have been also in forefront of struggles against capitalist and exploitators.

Today, whilst capialists are organising more and more for the preventiong of the uprising of the working class at local, national and especially world level, the workers are standing up and actively seeking to unite and organise themselves against oppression and baricade to preserve and prevent their achievements from looting.Your militant congress is one of the fortified bastion, which certainly, with the approval of its programs and resolutions will give more strenght and pose a great step forward. Naturally, the presence of the Iranian mining represntatives was necessary, but despite all the efforts, due to the highly security issues and police control in Iran, it was not possible. It is obvious that the presence of the represntatives of the Iranian miners, could have had mutual and bilateral results. On one hand it would have been a reflection of solidairty and class action, and on the other hand could lead to mutual information about working situations and struggle, and the transfer of practical work experiences and theoritical achievements to eachother. Now, in a situation, where they are deprived of the privilage to participate in this congress, we are hoping that the report sent, be read in congress and be published in full text by congress. Also, congrss approves a resolution(proposed resolution is attached) of demands and for supporting the struggle of Iranianian workers .

Victory to the second World Ming Conference!

Long Live International solidarity of workers!

Workers of the world unite!

Solidarity committees with Iranian workers – abroad

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