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South Africa: To the NUM

Dear Colleagues, We have learned that "AngloGold Ashanti" in Matlosana and Carletonville wants to dismiss a total of 8500 miners. Quite rightly you criticize the fact that "once more the capitalists are ready to sacrifice anything for their profits. .. they are trying to reduce (the costs) by firing people, reducing health and safety measures and exploiting the workers and the natural riches of Africa.”

We therefore explicitly support your demonstration and fight against these layoffs. We make your strike and your fight known worldwide through our homepage and help to organize solidarity. The slogan "struggle for every job" is up to date for the miners around the whole world. It is time to coordinate and harmonize the demands and the combat steps of the miners around the world. For example, in the second last week in Peru there were thousands of miners in strike against the attacks of mining companies and the government on their political and social rights. Let us act in the spirit of the Second International Conference on Mining in India in 2017, as it states in its final statement: “We appeal to all miners' organizations across the world to affiliate to the International Miners' Coordination in a organized manner. Let us build up regional coordinations! We are able to carry out great tasks and we invite the mine workers from all over the world to participate.”
Miners of the world can never be defeated!
Miners united can never be defeated!

Andreas Tadysiak: Main Coordinator oft he International Miners Coordination, Christian Link: ZKA of Kumpel für AUF