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Australia: 70 miners strike on the Griffin colliery

Streik 2016

Dear Colleagues,

We heard about the courageous strike of the 70 miners of the Griffin coal mine in southwestern Australia. For 7 weeks you have been in a tough fight against the announcement of a 26% pay cut by the mine management, against cuts in premiums and sick pay, as well as against the extension of weekly working hours.

I commit myself to make known your fight on the continents and to spread worldwide through our homepage, as well as to organize the solidarity. You can be sure of the support and solidarity of miners and people in the mining regions around the world. Today, international mining corporations are operating worldwide and, together with them, are exacerbating exploitation and oppression.

It is time to coordinate and align miners' demands and struggles around the world. So what could be more appropriate than supporting each other and strengthening one another's back?

At our 2nd International Ministers 'Conference 2017 in Godavarikhani / India, with about 5,000 participants and 38 delegates from the miners' movement from 16 countries and four continents, we were guided by the principle that we miners, together with our families, cooperate internationally and ours If we want to become a superior force over the international mining monopolies and their governments. Since the first conference in 2013, the organizations involved in International Miners Coordination have played a significant role in fighting in various countries. The final statement of the conference states: "We call on all organizations of miners around the world to join the International Co-ordinator Coordination in an organized manner. Let's build regional coordination! We are able to do great things, and we invite miners around the world to join in. "Unified, the miners are unbeatable!

We would be happy to hear from you how you are leading your fight and how we can support you?

Good luck!
On behalf of the International Miners Coordination Group
Andreas Tadysiak (main coordinator)