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India: invitation from pradeep

dear comrade,
From July 15th to July 31 our contract workers union in Singareni took up Struggle Jatha programme holding meetings big and small covering almost all the areas and divisions in the company.The main demands on which the campaign took place were regularisation,equal pay for equal work,bonus apart from nine other demands.All the 165 departments, where contract workers are employed, were covered and around
15000 workers participated in these meetings.

As a continuation of the above, the union is holding a convention in Hyderabad on 2nd September and it was decided to invite a speaker each from the constituents of our joint platform. It will be good if you can make it.Please confirm and plan your travel to reach either in the morning of 2nd Sept or a day before. If all of you are here we can hold the meeting of the platform on 3rd sept.