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Invitation to Paris during the weekend 9 and 10 December 2023

Dear friends and comrades,

The ICOR will hold demonstrations, educational events and strike activities all over the world on this year's Environmental Day of Struggle, 9 December 2023. The basis is our ICOR call "All out for the Environmental Day of Struggle on 9 December!". It was signed by 34 organizations by 23 November. It states:

Our internationalist slogan applies:

The international working class must take the lead in a society-changing environmental struggle! Organize numerous people, especially youth, in the revolutionary parties and strengthen the ICOR and the Anti-Imperialist United Front against Fascism, War and Environmental Destruction.”

We cordially invite you to the

Rally for the International Environmental Day of Struggle
Saturday, 9 December at 2 pm
Paris - Place de la République


Welcome by the ICOR coordination; speeches by the various countries and participating groups, workers, women, youth; culture ...
In our protests we of course also include the protest against wars of aggression and the destruction they cause.
After the rally we will meet at around 6 pm for evaluation and a joint dinner in the ACTIT hall (see below).

We are looking forward to ICOR delegations from different countries, but also reports and greetings. Come with your banners, word contributions, songs, literature and flyers!

For a very special occasion, we would like to invite you on Sunday, 10 December:

to a discussion event
"Full support for the Palestinian liberation struggle

- but how?"

Sunday, 10 December 10 am – 1 pm

The meeting will close with a lunch at 1 pm.


It is jointly organized by the ICOR Main Coordinator and representatives of the European Coordinating Committee (ECC).


Hall of the ACTIT (Association culturelle des travailleurs immigrés turques)

Rue d'Hauteville 54 Paris Metro line 4, 5, station Gare de l'Est


Participation fee: Dinner Saturday 6,- Euro, lunch Sunday 6 Euro, entrance fee 3,- Euro.

Militant greetings and we wish you a successful weekend,