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Hello friends. how are you in times of the Corona virus?

I hope you're all well. So far we are healthy here in Germany. Our assessment is that the Corona pandemic has become a global health crisis. Here in Germany the big problem is the rapid spread of the virus. In Germany, the health care systems have been geared towards maximum profit for the hospital, pharmaceutical and healthcare groups. So much has been cut back for profit reasons in recent years, for example with hospital closures etc., so that the health system is now on the verge of collapse.

Also in Italy the health system is so devastatingly overburdened that doctors already have to decide who to treat and save and who to let die. In Germany, we need the creation of 150 000 new jobs in nursing and intensive care units and masses of new training places for them immediately! It is an absurdity that the German Government and the monopolies now want to use the situation to shift the burden of the crisis of the new world economic and financial crisis onto the broad masses, with the justification of the Corona crisis. Corona is becoming a pretext for dismissing people, intensifying exploitation in the factories, dismantling democratic rights and freedoms, etc., as well as deploying the army in Germany internally. With the development of many governments working on the principle of "my country first", research and work is currently taking place mainly in nation-state competition. This makes a global solution such as the creation of a vaccine considerably more difficult. President Trump even has the audacity to offer the German biotech company Curevac up to one billion dollars to exclusively supply the vaccine against Covid-19 to the USA! I am of the opinion that such politicians and governments who behave in such a situation in a chauvinistic-egoistic way must immediately resign and be punished, and company managers who do so must immediately be arrested and severely punished! The international monopolies will reduce production in the next few days, especially in the automobile industry, and it is only mentioned in passing that sales figures are falling, but the temporary closure is justified by the corona virus. It is also more and more reported that there are independent strikes in the production, for example at Daimler in Stuttgart, at Fiat in Italy. I believe that the closure of production is fully justified, provided that it does not affect socially necessary supplies or emergency measures. However, it must not be at the expense of the workers, e.g. temporary workers must not be dismissed en masse, etc.! The restriction of production would also have positive environmental side effects. The workers and employees would have to be released from work with full wage compensation and not at their expense. In Germany, schools, day-care facilities for children etc. have now been closed, which makes sense, but not at the expense of families, some of whom are in great need as a result. Many elderly and sick people live in great fear, do not leave the house (sometimes justifiably), but become lonely. Help is offered for the companies, but there is a lack of state help and emergency care for families to look after children and the elderly! Also the loss of earnings would have to be regulated unbureaucratically. For the small and medium-sized companies, almost insurmountable bureaucratic hurdles are being set up and it is expected that many will go bankrupt. On the other hand, all state support is available for the large monopolies. In our country, the causes of this disease are discussed mainly in the social media. But we do not accept untenable conspiracy theories. But we must also oppose the idea that any discussion of causes should be dismissed as conspiracy theory. Questions must be answered: What is the research laboratory in the (presumed) place of origin Wuhan and is Covid-19 of artificial origin? What interactions exist with environmental crises? The national egoism in the research of causes, diagnosis and treatment must stop! We need an open scientific, but also a mass comprehensible discussion! With the Corona crisis, the whole depravity and incompetence of the imperialist world system becomes clear. In reality, however, the material conditions for global communication, scientific discussion, diagnosis and therapy, and decentralised maintenance of essential economic processes with the help of digitalisation are better than ever before in history. Only in a society without exploitation and oppression of humans and nature, it could be used for fast, effective global health care! There are many initiatives where younger people shop for the elderly so that they do not have to put themselves at risk. Just a few days ago, people in many cities here in Germany stood at their windows or on their balconies and applauded for several minutes for the people who are now particularly challenged in the health service, the doctors, the nurses, the carers for the elderly etc. That was a great act of solidarity. And it is really great how we stick together and shows that people are not primarily selfish as has been/is always claimed in between. In this sense I wish you - stay healthy! Tell us from your countries how it is there, write us your thoughts. Glück Auf