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USA: The resolute fight of the miners in Kentucky and the international support helped to win.

In july more than 1000 miners of the Blackjuwel mines in Virginia were dismissed. They occupied for 60 days a railroad track and prevent so the transport of coal. The blocked freight wagons witch has a charge with a value of about one million dollars. Simultaneously  they started with the strike.

The mining company now payd them 5,47 million dollars for outstanding wages. Money for holiday, pension insurance claims, and health insurance claims must indeed yet fight for. The miners were not organisized in the union and carried out the actions independently. Because there are in the state Kentucky no miners are organizised in a union. The main coordinator of the international coordination groupe from the international miners coordination has called for the international solidarity and invite to join the miners coordination. If we want to become a superior power against the mining corporations and their governments , we must joint across the borders . Because today its less impossible to push through against the international mining corporations isolated from each other and locally limited.  We need the workers unit worldwide.

interview with the miners