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ICG's environmental call for the International Day of Struggle to Defend the Environment

The accelerated exploitation and destruction of the environment continues. It crosses regions and even entire countries and threatens to lead our planet as a whole into environmental catastrophe. The terrible fires in a large part of the Amazon rainforest, which the combined forces of several countries have been unable to contain in the face of global amazement and horror, are just one example.


Despite the urgent signals of increasing regional environmental disasters, this policy is not being changed. On the contrary. Capitalist competition for control of markets and natural resources is driving the imperialist powers to further accelerate the destruction of the environment. For example, the support of fascist Bolsharo in Brazil who accused the environmental campaigners of setting fire to the Amazon jungle, or the recent fascist coup against Evo Morales, a remarkable defender of the environment and the unity between man and Pacha Mama (Mother Earth).  It is becoming clear worldwide that there is a growing awareness of the connection between work, the environmental problem as well as the social question within the workers' and people's movement. Thus, the long and heroic days of struggle in Ecuador or Chile in recent months have been preceded by great struggles to defend the environment. Also in other countries like Peru, Germany, Poland or India, the struggle of the miners is associated with specific demands for work and safety, in connection with the protection of the environment.  However, in order to overcome and overcome the existential threat of an ecological world catastrophe, the forces for progress and peace must go on the offensive, they cannot simply resist, but also have to counteract and defeat the reactionary forces that destroy the environment, that cause great social misery and wars and thus question the livelihoods of people worldwide.  In this context, the International Miners’ Coordination calls on the international miners to assume  their role as the social vanguard in the struggle against capitalist barbarism and to combine their concrete struggles for better living and working conditions with the defence of the environment as well as a dignified future for all. In many countries, the mining proletariat forms the backbone of the working class and is the most important sector of national economy. Therefore they are called to take responsibility in the struggle for the unity of the entire workers' and people's movement according to the motto:  For better living and working conditions in connection with saving the natural environment! No to capitalist exploitation of mankind and nature! For a new mining for the benefit of the workers and in harmony with nature!