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Main coordinator says greetings to the miners of the world

with the miners' greeting from Germany: Glück Auf! I wish us much fighting spirit and success for our actions today. Worldwide the mining monopolies want to close down underground mines and instead promote raw materials in open pit mining and other processes such as fracking, which question part of our livelihood. The International Miners' Coordination Group adopted the following resolution at its last meeting in Germany in May: "We call on the miners of the world to fight against the mine closures!

In Europe, for example, all underground coal mines are to be closed, while the corporations throughout Europe are to be divided into claims for the highly poisonous fracking process. Thus the last reserves on European soil will be released for exploitation by international corporations. The EU companies claim worldwide access to the resources. In India, 373 underground mines are to be closed by 2019 in order to extract even more coal with a few surface mines and fewer miners. In Peru, too, more and more underground mines are being closed in order to replace them, for example, with surface mines or mountain topping. The capitalist raw materials policy intensifies the danger of war and forces the threatening global environmental catastrophe if the international working class in alliance with all the oppressed does not put a stop to it. Let us make the closure of the world's underground mines a focal point of the international miners' movement."
Glück Auf
Andreas Tadysiak