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ICG: 1 May as joint international day of struggle

The International Miners' Coordination calls upon all miners and their families worldwide to join the International Miners' Coordination and actively participate in it.

The rights of the miners are increasingly being attacked in manifold ways in many countries of the world. On behalf of the industrial and financial capital, the trade unionists are threatened in their physical existence or killed. This is a dangerous tendency; the miners' movement needs to vigorously counter that.

To replace regular jobs by contract work or outsourcing of jobs has become a predominating phenomena in the international mining industry. And as if that was not enough for the aim to maximize profit, despite of undermining the achievements of the miners, the capitalists even reduce the wage costs with sophisticated formulating, violating the legal provisions and conflicting the common sense.

In many mining countries of the world like India, South Africa, Peru, China, Poland, the Democratic Republic of Kongo, the miners and their families again and again struggle against dismissals, closing-down of mines, plundering the mining resources by which the miners are deprived of their mean of livelihood or surviving.

It is fact that today it is no more sufficient to place demands isolated in only on single country. Both International Miners' Conferences 2013 in Peru and 2017 in India set the following basic principles:

- “Today, it is less and less possible to assert your interests against the international mining monopolies if you are isolated from each other and locally restricted. What we need is the unity of workers worldwide!“ We want a future worth living for the peoples, for us and our children!

- “The "International Miners' Coordination" has the vision of a worldwide linked miners' movement, struggling for themselves and their children to put the treasures of the soil, the water and the air into the hands of those who make them accessible by their work. They shall be used for a rich, healthy life in dignity for all people in harmony with nature – without exploitation and oppression.“

We rely on the approval of all miners to the ideals of the IMC and on a broad participation of the relatives, women, men, adolescents related to the militant miners' movement in the regional and continental conferences which will take place from 2018 as preliminary stage to the preparation of the 3rd IMC 2022.

On May First, the International Day of Struggle of the working class, the workers of the world are demonstrating. The International Miners' Coordination decided to conduct May First as joint international day of struggle.

Glück Auf! (German Miners' saying “Good luck“)