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Congo: Voici la déclaration de la dame concernée

,I am Dr Rekha,Indian citizen.i came here on regular request of Ritesh shah,he is Dyms at HJ hospital.i appointed as gynecologist at HJ.some month passes smoothly.after I found single women are called here,if some one want to call known or some family members ,they refused.they start directly and indirectly torture on them.only females who follow their orders,they allow them them to do their job, otherwise they start to torture them and they left the job.they terminate mostly females to put pressure on them.if female ready to obey them,she was physically abused by doctors and higher management, even some girls are supplied outside.some female staff went to their embassy but they don't get response as this people manipulate the higher authority by bribe or power.

the workers of the HJ hospital demand

After some time but found CEO was calling me unnecessary in meeting after working hours.on 10 January 2020 I have talked with HR Vikram ,not to call me after my working hours.CEO ,Ritesh and Vikram behave no as one unit and torture me like ,we will cut your payment 50 percent,take holiday for 2/3 month with out payment or 30 percent salary will cut.i requested them for email.but they don't send it.on 17 July 2020, CEO terminate me,giving
Corona crisis as reason but real reason was not to come at his office after working hours which was time for emergency cases and my personal time.i oppose it and file case in court.my salary stopped,I requested them by sending emails to them.i send email to Indian embassy to help me, nothing work.they made by flight ticket on 26;August,so that I won't able to fight legally. on 25 August gate person refuse me to enter inside my accommodation.Mr Harish jagtani ,owner of hospital was also present at that time.i requested them but they don't allow me to enter inside HJ gate.i sit on road side as it was outer country and I know no one.night came but I was on road,I called my lawyer.along with him some local people came,who help me and we went to police station.even this human people don't accept the police request.local Congolese help me,by taking me at their house.3 day came,we sit at hospital gate to protest,news spread in media..on 5 day and 7 day ,we got my stop payment and stuff with police and lawyer interference.still letter pending in court,in hope to get juice according congoly law.at the Corona time it very shameful behave with single lady to leave alone at road at night time
Nous l accompagnons en justice.