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India: Arbitrary and Illegal Mines Closures in Coal India Ltd.

Coal Miners from Bhawani Mine have agitated for 43 days by way of Hunger Strike, demonstration etc 

Following the Strike Notice served to the Coal India 's Management by the all the five Unions
- AITUC, BMS, CITU, HMS and INTUC operating in the Coal Industry, the matter was seized by the Deputy CLC (C) - Kolkata.

In both the Conciliation Meetings held on 18/06/17 and on 07/09/17, the Deputy CLC (C) has ordered some directives on the issue of Closures of Mines to be observed by all
- That, they will maintain the Statuquo that is the Management will not undertake any action amounting to closure and the Unions will defer their Strike till final decision on the  Strike Notice.
- But the Management - WCL of Coal India closed the Ganapati Mine in Pench Area  on 03/08/17 without any Written Notice but only with a Verbal Announcement by the Safety Officer that the Mine is closed from the day.
- Similarly, the Bhawani Mine from Ambadha Colliery in Kanhan Area was closed from the 01/09/17 only with 
a Notice stating that the Mine shall be closed from today due to an Order from Above.

On the 07/09/17, when Unions raised the Issues of Breaches and Violations by the Management of the Agreement arrived before him , he specifically instructed the Management to place before him the procedure followed in the mines closures proceedings by stating reasons - Mining, Safety, Geological or Reserve and also to submit the written documents of meetings held at different levels with Workers/Unions Representatives before the Closure.  
In both the cases, the Management has failed to follow any Procedure, Rule and Regulation for any Closure. The Management has shown total disrespect to the decisions arrived before the Conciliation Officer and it continue to violate them with an absolute vindictive mindset.  

As No Procedures were observed in all the cases cited above, the Management to hide its failure has intelligently asked for postponement on the 10/10/17 so as the case is left lingering and at the same time the Coal Ministry has pressurized the Labour Ministry to instantly transfer the Deputy CLC (C) from Kolkata. This action of transfer made at the time of an important Conciliation is not expected?


Coal Miners from Bhawani Mine have agitated for 43 days by way of Hunger Strike, demonstration etc against this authoritarian and illegal action of Management and they are awaiting for the Final decisions by the Competent Authority that is the Deputy CLC(C).
On the 10/10/17, the Strike Notice case could not be taken for discussion and the Closure Issue remained undecided because of the absence of the Competent Authority, it will proper that in such situation every one respects the Final Verdict when the New Conciliation Commissioner is appointed and the case is decided in the proper manner and according to Law. Till then the Management should restrain in all its provocative behavior and action such as Closure, Transfer etc so as Industrial Peace is maintained.
The Government to pursue its Nefarious Policy of ''SLAUGHTER  OF  PSUs"  has started with its attack  on 37 mines of the UG Mines  by targeting 273 mines of Coal India Ltd 
with its new Mantra of "Profit and Loss" 
when NO CRITERIA be it Safety, Geological, Coal reserve etc has been stated till this day and this is purely a bureaucratic and technocratic decision to please the Great Corporates of INDIA .
The Public Sector serves the Development and the Progress of the PEOPLE and the NATION 
while Privatization is the Anti-Thesis of the Development and the Progress of the COUNTRY 
as a whole and it may enrich a Few and only a Few if at all.
We from the Lal Zhanda Coal Mines Mazdoor Union (CITU)  appeal to You, to stop this blind Policy of the Management by compelling it to wait till the Strike Notice which is pending before the Competent Authority and the issue of Mines Closures are decided according to Law and also till the new Commissioner is appointed  in the Kolkata Office and the Management is made to submit all the documents requested by the earlier Commissioner.
Your Authority should also take cognizance of the Breaches, Violations by the Coal India Management and pursue it for Disrespect and Contempt  of Agreements and take necessary action against it.
Workers from Bhawani are expecting that Law will prevail and the re-opening of  the mines with full production will be ordered and that you will compel the Management to desist from any attempt to close Moari (Mohan Colliery) and other mines from Kanhan and Pench to avoid any further disturbances in the Industrial PEACE prevailing now.
Coal is Gold and Millions of tonnes of Coal which will remain un-extracted be of a tremendous Loss for the Country and its Development in Real Words.