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Indonesia: To the families of the dismissed miners of Grasbergmine

Dear families and miners we miners' wives and girlfriends from mining miners AG in the Women's Association Courage have learned that Freeport has fired 4,220 miners after the strike in May. It makes us angry that Freeport has at the same time given access to education and other services for the miners and their families. We mourn the families of the seven Freeport miners who were ill and died as a result of their health insurance cut by Freeport.

We were particularly affected by the death of the friend, who hanged himself after being denied hospital treatment for his sick child. We call on Freeport and the Indonesian government to immediately to reinstate the dismissed miners and grant them free access to education and other benefits. The families of the deceased miners must continue to maintain get from the mine operator that they can live worthily. We also demand a comprehensive free treatment of illnesses and accidents caused by the work. The company has to pay for the costs of medical treatment and preventive care. We demand a worthy medical treatment also of relatives of the miners. We do not want to face the lives of our husbands, children, relatives and friends every day on this every day Worrying world. Just because in many countries the life of the buddy somewhere on this Worrying world just because today under the conditions of Aggravating the competition for raw materials the rights of workers no longer count. We miners' wives stand up to work together with the Miners' wives all over the world for a worthwhile future for ours Men, children and youth fight. In this sense, a hearty happiness to the miners and their Relatives. for the Miners' Wives AG in the Women's Association Courage