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declaration of solidarity to the miners and their families of the jade mine of Hpakant in the northern Burmese state of Kachin

Hello miners, relatives and friends, Through the news we have learned of the terrible accident at the mine near Hpakant in the northern Burmese state of Kachin. More than 160 people have been recovered dead so far, many are still missing and about 200 are calculated to have died. This disaster shakes us deeply. Our thoughts are with you, the relatives and their friends.

We are horrified, but we also feel anger and indignation that such an accident is happening today. For a long time now there have been methods and modern techniques of the highest standard to protect the safety of the miners and also of the people living around a colliery from harm. Therefore we demand a full investigation of the causes of this accident and the punishment of those responsible! We demand unconditional compensation and care for the relatives who have been injured or killed in this accident!We are the International Coordination of Miners, founded in Peru in 2013. The International Coordination of Miners has set itself the task of coordinating and cooperating in the struggles of the more than 20 million miners in the world against the exploitation of the miners, their families and nature. Our opponents are the worldwide mining companies and their servile governments, which unscrupulously "save" on safety for their maximum profit and thus endanger the lives and health of the miners. It also shows that the miners are less and less able to enforce their interests only on a national level.This accident shows how important it is that we fight together. It is a matter of great importance to us that we get in contact with you. Please inform us. We cannot rely on the bourgeois media. Write us how we can support you. In deep condolence and with solidarity greetings, Andreas Tadysiak Main Coordinator of the International Miners' Coordination